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Barbershop Matte Hair Clay How-To Video

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Whether you want a natural, messy look or a strong, all-day hold, Barbershop Matte Hair Clay is the product that will get you there. If you're someone who has always wanted to give Matte Hair Clay a try, but weren't quite sure what to do or perhaps how much to us, we put together this quick video tutorial to show you what's up. 


Step 1. Grab a finger-full of the Barbershop Matte Hair Clay (or less depending on the thickness of your hair) and begin to rub it back and forth between your fingers.

Step 2. Begin to work it through your hair front to back and side to side, being sure to get a little bit of product all over.  For a messy look, shake your hand through the hair as you work from scalp to tip, keeping the fingers loose. 

Step 3. From here, simply mess with your hair and shape it however you like. Now go conquer your day. 

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