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Mistakes Men Can Make When Combing Their Beards

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Mistakes Men Can Make When Combing Their Beards

We all know that combing is an essential part of maintaining a healthy beard that looks dapper and feels luscious. Most men know that they should comb their beard once or twice daily so that it looks its very best. However, the unfortunate truth is that finding a good comb is only half the battle. There are actually several different ways in which your combing routine can backfire if you aren’t careful.

Any of the mistakes below can leave you with damaged or lost facial hair:

Combing Your Beard When It’s Dry, Especially if You Have Thick, Coarse or Curly Hair

There are many different types of facial hair out there.  Your hair type is determined by its thickness, texture and curl pattern. Men who have thick, coarse, or curly hair are more at risk of ending up with a damaged beard because these hair types are much more prone to dehydration, even if you make a point to moisturize your beard twice each day.

If you have coarse, curly or thick facial hair, we recommend only combing it when it’s wet, and only using a wide-tooth comb.  Combing your beard when dry and with a fine-tooth comb can damage the cuticles due to the friction and undo your careful work.

Tugging Too Hard to Get Rid of Those Tangles

Sure, no man wants a tangled beard, but aggressively pulling on those knots with your comb is only going to lead to split ends.  Instead, try gently working out the knots with your fingers or gently using a wider tooth comb.  

Not Moisturizing Your Beard Beforehand

We can’t emphasize enough the importance of combing only after you’ve applied a moisturizing product like a beard oil to your facial hair.  Using a hydrating product before combing helps protect each cuticle so that the friction of the comb doesn’t leave your beard looking damaged.

Combing Too Frequently

Yes, you can absolutely comb your beard too frequently.  We know that many men want to have a smooth and tidy look, but over-combing can actually lead to hair loss.  That’s because the action of combing tugs on each hair strand, and doing it too frequently can eventually pull those hairs out of their follicles.  Once or twice each day should be enough for most men.

Using a Low-Quality Comb

Lastly, it’s crucial that you purchase a high-quality comb that’s made from robust materials. Cheap combs aren’t designed to protect your fragile facial hair and can either damage the strands or pull them out. Always invest in a good comb from a trusted manufacturer.

Bottom Line, Keep Your Combing Mistakes to a Minimum

The next time you comb your beard, keep these common mistakes in mind to avoid damaging that precious facial hair.  Combing should be done carefully, and only with the highest-quality comb possible. If you’ve been wondering why your beard is looking less healthy than it should, consider that your combing routine may be the culprit.

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