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The Dermatology Side of Having a Beard

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The Dermatology Side of Having a Beard

Sure, having a beard can enhance your physical appearance and make you appear more masculine.  But, did you know that having a beard can actually benefit your skin as well? Many dermatologists agree that growing out your facial hair can improve skin complexion in a number of ways.  It can even benefit your overall health!

Having a Beard Can Benefit Your Skin from a Dermatological Perspective

We’ll be explaining the unique skin-enhancing benefits of growing out a beard, while also diving into ways that you can improve your skincare game with your fully-grown beard.

Lower Risk of UV Damage

Are you worried about developing skin damage as a result of sun exposure?  Well, the good news is that if you’re rocking a beard, you’re likely protecting a large portion of your face that’s exposed to the harsh rays of the sun on a daily basis.  If your beard is thick and covers the lower half of your face completely, you don’t have to worry about applying sunscreen to that area as it’s well protected against UV rays.

Of course, if your beard is thin and patchy, that’s not the case.  You’ll still need to apply sunscreen to that area if too much skin is exposed.

Increased Moisture Due to Condensation

A lesser-known benefit of wearing a beard is that it can keep that area of your skin hydrated, which means that it’s less likely to become inflamed and irritated due to dryness.  So, how exactly does that work? Well, your beard acts as a moisture trap when the weather heats up. As your face sweats, condensation builds, which allows that moisture to go back into your skin.  Pretty cool, right?

Lower Chance of Acne

It’s also believed that wearing a beard decreases your risk of acne.  That’s because your beard acts as a sort of skin cover that prevents your pores from being exposed to things that carry bacteria.  For instance, sleeping on a dirty pillowcase can cause bacteria to get trapped in the pores, resulting in breakouts. By having a beard, you’re blocking any dirt or germs from getting onto that portion of your face.

Take Care of Your Beard for the Most Dermatological Benefits

Of course, in order for your beard to boost your skincare game, you have to take good care of your beard and your complexion.  Below, you’ll discover what to do if you want your skin to be as healthy as can be while you enjoy having a beard.

Wash Your Beard Regularly

It’s crucial that you wash your beard regularly with a cleanser that’s strong enough to neutralize dirt and germs, but not so harsh that it depletes your facial hair and skin of moisture.  The right beard wash contains natural ingredients that have cleansing properties. Stay away from beard care products that contain sulfates, as these can leave your beard and complexion dehydrated and prone to irritation and blemishes.

Give Your Beard Lots of Moisture

Your skin and beard need a whole lot of moisture.  That’s because they’re exposed to drying factors such as hard water, harsh weather and general pollution.  Use a high-quality, plant-based beard oil each day in order to give that facial hair the hydration that it needs to be as healthy as can be.

Let it Grow

The thicker and fuller your beard, the more beneficial it is to your skin.  So, don’t be afraid to let your facial hair really grow in order to reap the most benefits.


Exfoliating is an essential step of any good skincare routine.  It removes debris that’s accumulated in the pores while gently scrubbing away dead skin cells.  So, don’t forget to exfoliate at least twice each week for healthy skin.

Choose Your Products Wisely

Remember that your skin and beard are only as good as the products that you use.  Look for all-natural formulas that don’t contain cheap fillers that can actually do more harm than good.

Personal Style Matters

It’s clear that rocking a beard can do a lot more than add to your personal style.  It turns out that your facial hair can actually benefit your skin in a multitude of ways.  Of course, keep in mind to take good care of your complexion and your beard if you wanna have the best skin possible.

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