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The Potential Damaging Effects of Synthetic Beard Care Ingredients

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The Potential Damaging Effects of Synthetic Beard Care Ingredients

Having a solid beard care routine is crucial if you want your facial hair to both look and feel as healthy as can be. This means having a small collection of products that are used daily to feed the beard and skin the nutrients and hydration that they need. Knowing which types of products to buy is important, but what’s possibly even more important is knowing how to choose the right products based on the ingredients that make up the formulas.

If you’ve been using our products, you know that we believe that all-natural is the way to go when it comes to our formulas. But, what does that really mean? And why are natural ingredients considered superior to their synthetic counterparts?

In order to grasp why the ingredients of your beard care products are so important, let’s examine some of the commonly used synthetic ingredients, and how they may affect your precious skin and facial hair.

Synthetic vs. Natural: Does it Really Matter?

If you’re using your beard care products daily, like most men do, it’s incredibly important that you choose your formulas wisely. After all, the ingredients that you’re rubbing into your skin and hair each day are going to determine the condition of your beard as well as your complexion. If you’re using harsh ingredients, daily application is going to eventually damage the beard that you’ve been working so hard to grow, not to mention lead to skin irritation that can be uncomfortable and unsightly.

Lots of synthetic ingredients that are commonly found in commercial beard care products are just not good for your skin or hair, period. So, why do companies use them? Well, synthetic ingredients are cheaper than natural ingredients because they don’t cost that much to manufacture. This means that companies can fill their products with synthetic ingredients to lower manufacturing costs, which results in a higher profit. Sounds pretty sneaky, doesn’t it?

Now, let’s break down some of the most commonly used synthetic ingredients, and how they may cause harm to your skin and your beard.

Synthetic Fragrances

There are two types of fragrances: synthetic and natural. Natural fragrances come straight from plant extracts such as botanical solutions and essential oils. Meanwhile, synthetic fragrances are manufactured in labs to mimic the smells of natural ingredients. Most synthetic fragrances are made from harsh chemicals like petroleum, and these harsh chemicals are known to irritate the skin. Irritated skin can become itchy and red, and the more irritated your skin, the more likely it is that your beard hair will fall out.


Sulfates are commonly found in beard soaps and shampoos because they are great at getting rid of dirt and oil. They’re so great at getting rid of dirt and oil, in fact, that they can strip the moisture away from your skin and beard. This is because these ingredients bond together dirt and oil so that they can be rinsed out easily. The problem is that sulfates dry out your skin and beard over time, and you know how important moisture is when it comes to having a healthy complexion and healthy facial hair.


Silicones are found in a lot of beard products that are intended to provide moisture. Silicones are slippery substances that feel silky smooth when applied to skin and hair. The problem is that silicones don’t actually penetrate the hair cuticle. Instead, they sit on top, giving the illusion of a deeply moisturized beard. Even worse, they act as a seal, preventing hydration from getting deep into the hair shafts.

How to Avoid Synthetic Ingredients When Shopping for Beard Products

The good news is that avoiding these synthetic ingredients is pretty easy. All that you have to do is find a company that is devoted to using all-natural formulas. At The Bearded Bastard, you can look through our lists of ingredients to know for certain that you’re not applying any potentially damaging synthetic ingredients to your skin and facial hair.

This Beard Care Product World Varies Tremendously Based Formulas

Lots of companies rely on cheap synthetic ingredients in order to boost their profit margins. Unfortunately, synthetic ingredients can cause quite a bit of damage. That’s why we always suggest that you stick with natural formulas, like the ones used here at The Bearded Bastard.

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