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Tips For Keeping Your Beard Cool In The Summer Heat

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Tips For Keeping Your Beard Cool In The Summer Heat
Yes, it is possible to keep a full beard in the hot summer heat without being completely miserable! Here’s our favorite tips to rocking a beard in the summer without losing your cool. 
  1. Keep it trimmed

This is a last-ditch effort in my book, but giving your beard a neat trim for the summer is guaranteed to make things a bit more comfortable. Either do-it-yourself or get your barber to hook you up. Keep it short until the temperatures start dropping again.

  1. Don’t skip your regimen

Yeah, you’ve made it through the harsh winter air, but your beard is still thirsting for that beard oil. Keeping up a solid beard-care routine will prevent breaking, flaking and dry skin throughout the summer.

It probably goes without saying, but make sure you wash your beard too. Hygiene can definitely fall by the wayside in the hot summer months, but I’ve seen what happens first-hand when you forget to keep your beard clean. Don’t be that guy whose beard gives the rest of us a bad name.          

  1. Update your summer scent

This may be more of a mentalcool-off, but updating your beard oil scents to reflect the summer vibe can refresh both your mind and your beard. Rum Runner: Black Label is my personal favorite scent for the summer season.

  1. Hydration is key

Drink loads of water. If not for your body’s health, do it for your beard. Your beard will be less prone to breakage and overall dry skin issues if you’re staying hydrated.

If you want to be extra serious about keeping cool, maybe even keep a spray bottle around so that you can spray your beard with some cool water if you feel it’s getting a bit too heated.

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