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Five Beard Myths Debunked

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Five Beard Myths Debunked
Has a beard myth ever caused you to stray away from the bearded life? Don’t let them fool you! We’re here today to debunk a few common beard myths so that you can continue confidently along your beard growth journey.


  1. You Won’t Be Able to Get A Job if You Have A Beard

So many people, or at least your grandmother, will tell you that having a beard will make it harder to get a job. This may be the case if you show up to an interview with a mangled unkempt beard, but as long as you’re keeping up with solid grooming habits we haven’t met a bastard that had this issue. Obviously there are some industries that openly prefer men to keep a shorter beard or not have one at all, so we’re speaking in more broad terms here.

  1. A Beard Will Make Your Face Feel Itchy 24/7

Yes, there will be a time during the beard growth process when you’ll have a bitch of beard itch. Once your beard is fully grown out to the preferred length, you shouldn’t be experiencing any beard itch. If you are, it could be a sign that your skin and beard are a bit dry and craving moisture. As long as you’re keeping your beard and skin moisturized with a quality beard oil, you should be in the clear!

Our guide to combating beard itch can give you additional info and tips on how to avoid uncomfortable facial hair.

  1. It Only Takes A Month to Grow A Full Beard OR It Takes Years to Grow A Full Beard

Either way, this statement is false. Every man is genetically different and is going to grow a beard at different rates, if at all. Some men may be able to go full Abe Lincoln within a month or two. For others, it could take a few years before they even have a full chin blanket. There is no right or wrong answer in terms of how long it takes your beard to grow, but ultimately it is up to you and your genetics.   

  1. If You Take This Magic Pill, You’ll Have A Thick Beard In No Time

The only magic you should believe in is that of David Blaine. There is no such thing as a magic pill for beard growth or even a magic beard oil for that matter. So many companies out there will offer up product loaded with promises of a thicker, fuller beard when ultimately it’s up to your genetics. If no man in your family has ever been able to grow a full beard then chances are you’re unfortunately destined for the same fate and no pill or oil is going to change that.

You can also check out our Five Tips for the Beard Deficient article, to get some practical advice for better beard results. 

  1. You Don’t Have to Care For Your Beard

Having a good looking beard doesn’t come naturally. It’s just like waking up every morning expecting your hair to look flawless, but we know you didn’t wake up like this. Having a full beard does require a bit of grooming and general upkeep. We’d say the bare minimum is applying a beard oil daily, brushing it out to avoid looking homeless, and cleaning it every so often to avoid smelling homeless and to keep your skin clean underneath it all. Beardsmen looking to take it up a notch should look into adding a beard balm to the deck, in order to better tame your beard and maintain shape all day long.

If you need some beard inspiration, we have catalogued some of our favorite beards.

Become the Beard You Were Meant to Be

Avoiding the pitfalls of these beard myths can be as easy as keeping a proper beard care regimen. Be sure to check out our helpful products like beard oil, beard wash and specialized beard brushes, to keep your beard looking healthy and stylish.

If you have some beard myths of your own that you would like to share or have debunked, you can shout out to us on social media, by clicking your preferred icon at the bottom of the page.

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