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Mastering the Art of Fall Beard Care: 5 Tips to Keep Your Facial Mane Ruggedly Ready

Mastering the Art of Fall Beard Care: 5 Tips to Keep Your Facial Mane Ruggedly Ready

Ah, autumn, the season of changing leaves, cool breezes, and the emergence of flannel shirts from the back of your closet. As you embrace the fall vibes, don't forget about your trusty facial companion – your beard. To help you transition into the season with style, we've compiled five essential tips to get your beard fall-ready. So, gents, let's dive into the art of maintaining a beard that's both rugged and impeccably groomed.

1. Hydration for a Lush Landscape:

As the days grow shorter and the air crisper, your beard, too, requires some TLC. The dry fall air can leave your facial hair parched and itchy. The solution? A top-tier beard oil. Seek out products enriched with natural ingredients like jojoba oil, argan oil, or almond oil. These elixirs are your allies against the cold, working to moisturize and soften your beard. Apply daily for a beard that defies the harshness of autumn, keeping it luxuriously smooth and frizz-free.

2. The Art of Precision:

Fall presents the perfect opportunity for a trim and shape-up session with your trusted barber. Picture yourself reclined in the barber's chair, discussing your beard aspirations, and leaving with a beard that's nothing short of artistry. Maintaining a well-defined beard shape not only imparts a polished look but also wards off any uneven growth that might try to sneak in.

3. Shielding Against the Elements:

As the season transitions, so does the environment. The winds may grow fiercer, and the temperatures colder. In this scenario, your beard demands protection. Enter the beard balm or wax. These stalwart companions create a shield against the elements, sealing in moisture and standing guard against the biting cold. The result? A beard that remains resilient, unyielding to the harsh hand of Mother Nature.

4. The Power of Grooming:

Routine grooming is the secret weapon in your arsenal. Equip yourself with a quality beard comb or brush – your trusted companions for a dapper appearance. These tools do more than meet the eye. They distribute natural oils evenly, stimulate follicles, and exfoliate the underlying skin, promoting robust beard growth. So, make it a habit to groom daily, leaving no room for unruly rebellion.

5. Embrace the Seasonal Scent:

With fall comes a change in ambiance and atmosphere. It's the ideal time to shift your grooming products to those bearing the essence of autumn. Think cedarwood, sandalwood, or spice-infused fragrances. These scents not only harmonize with the season but also linger elegantly throughout your day, leaving behind an unmistakable, masculine aura.

Gentlemen, as you step into fall, don't let your beard be left in the shadows. Nurture it with care, like a seasoned woodsman tending to his forest. The result? A beard that's ruggedly ready for the challenges of the season, standing as a testament to your unwavering dedication to the craft of facial hair care. Fall has arrived, and your beard is prepared to embrace it in all its glory.

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Bro, Do You Even Wax? The Ultimate Guide to Mustache Styling

Hey there, Bearded Bastards and mustache aficionados! Let’s address the proverbial elephant in the room: You’ve nailed the beard game, but what about that upper lip whisker? If you think your mustache can just ride on your beard’s coattails, think again. Today we’re diving deep into the world of mustache wax.

What Makes Our Mustache Wax Special?

At The Bearded Bastard, we’ve created a mustache wax that defies the need for multiple holds. Crafted with the ideal balance of beeswax for hold, carrier oils for conditioning, and essential oils for that signature scent, our wax is designed for versatility. Whether you want to go for a natural look or aspire to sport a piece of art on your upper lip, our wax has you covered.

Key Ingredients:

  • Beeswax: The cornerstone providing structure.
  • Carrier Oils (like Jojoba or Argan): Softens the hairs for a comfortable feel.
  • Essential Oils: Because smelling good is also important.

One Wax, Multiple Styles

Who says you need a different wax for different styles? With the right technique, you can achieve a range of looks. Here’s how:

1. The Classic Chevron

How to Style: Apply a small amount of wax starting from the middle and spread it towards the ends. Use a mustache comb for an even distribution.

2. The Dali

How to Style: Warm up a more generous amount of wax between your fingers and apply it to the tips of your mustache, shaping the iconic upward curves as you go.

3. The English Mustache

How to Style: Apply the wax evenly and use a mustache comb to separate the hairs, directing them towards the ends for a straight, outward look.

4. The Handlebar

How to Style: Use the back of your nail to scrape a small amount of wax out of the tin. Warm it between your thumb and forefinger, then apply it to the ends of your mustache, twirling to achieve that perfect curl.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Wax

  • Less is More: Start with a small amount and add more as needed.
  • Warm it Up: Rub the wax between your fingers to warm it up for easier application.
  • Comb it Through: For an even look, make sure to comb through your mustache after applying the wax.

Whether you're new to the mustache game or a seasoned pro, our versatile mustache wax is your go-to for any style. Keep it classy, keep it wild, but most importantly, keep it Bastard.

Stay Bearded, Stay Bastard!

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Touchdown! How to Tackle Dryness with Our Top Beard Balms

Ever been in the middle of a killer tailgate party, about to bite into that grilled masterpiece, when someone comments on your beard looking a bit... parched? Yeah, not the comment you want when you're shooting for MVP of the party.

Fall is upon us, and while we’re all gearing up for those touchdowns on the field, your beard might be taking a hit. Cold breezes, changing temperatures, and the inevitable switch between indoor heating and outdoor chill can lead to one dry, unhappy beard. But fear not, fellow beards man! We've got the playbook to tackle that dryness and keep your beard looking like it just scored the winning touchdown.

1. Recognizing the Fumble: Signs of a Dry Beard

First, know the enemy. Here's how to tell if your beard has dropped the ball:

  • Itchiness: The number one sign of a dry beard is that incessant itch.
  • Flakiness: You're not trying to snow on anyone's parade with those beard-ruff flakes.
  • Brittleness: When your beard hairs snap faster than a linebacker tackling a rookie, you know you’ve got a problem.

2. The Game Plan: Enter Beard Balm

Our beard balms are like that star quarterback – reliable, effective, and always delivers under pressure.

  • Moisturizing Power: Packed with natural ingredients, our balms lock in moisture, keeping your beard hydrated throughout the day.
  • Natural Ingredients: We're talking shea butter, beeswax, and essential oils – the trifecta for a killer beard game.
  • Control and Style: Apart from tacking dryness, these balms provide a mild hold, ensuring your beard remains in formation.

3. MVPs: Our Top Beard Balms for Fall

Here are the all-stars that'll guarantee you a win this season:

a) Man of the Woods : Channel the wild spirit of the forest with every application. It's rugged, natural, and speaks to the adventurer in all of us.

b) Lone Stranger: For the bro who marches to the beat of his own drum. Distinct, bold, and unapologetically unique. Perfect for standing out in a crowd or at a solo night out.

c) Vetiver: A classic blend for the refined gentleman. Grounding and rich, it’s a scent that's as timeless as those vintage football plays we all love.

4. Execution: Applying Like a Pro

Rub a dime-sized amount between your palms until it melts. Work it through your beard, ensuring you reach the skin underneath. Shape and style as desired. Touchdown!

Final Whistle

Dryness might be an opponent as tough as any division rival, but with our top beard balms in your grooming arsenal, victory is guaranteed. Remember, a hydrated beard is a happy beard. So, here's to conquering fall with a touchdown-worthy mane! 🏈🧔

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Say Hello to Fall: 3 Beard Scents You Gotta Try This Season

As we bid adieu to the scorching summer sun and welcome the crisp autumn air, it's time for a season-appropriate update—not just for your wardrobe, but for your beard care routine as well. With pumpkin spice lattes in the air and leaves changing color, your beard deserves to stay in sync with the season's splendor.

At The Bearded Bastard, we've curated an aromatic selection of fall-inspired beard oils that will not only keep your facial hair looking majestic but also evoke the comforting scents of fall every time you breathe in. Here are five autumn-centric beard oil scents you simply must try, each paired with an ideal fall activity.


Woodsman Classic

Upon opening the bottle you can almost imagine yourself axe in hand, breathing in the crisp, clean mountain air, and greeting the day as if you owned it. Whether you're heading to work with an axe or your cell phone in hand - you'll be ready to face to day and bring the mountains with you.


Lone Stranger

There’s a long shadow over that ridge. No wait, there’s two. The dust settles and the golden glow of the desert landscape eclipses into nightfall. The land is rough, gnarled, and in need of taming. Let your worries be gone partner. Two lone strangers appear. Together at last. You join one another underneath a blanket of stars and trade stories of the old and the new. The campfire is blazing. The whiskey is poured. The boots are off and all is well. You can rest easy now. 

Lone Stranger is an ode to the long forgotten days of the American West. With notes of amber, coffee, and spices of clove and coriander. A marriage of our Morocco and Opium Den scents, Lone Stranger blends the best of both of those distant worlds together, creating a scent so pure, nostalgic, and alluring that it could only be crafted by The Bearded Bastard.


Palo Santo

Autumn isn't just about the hustle and bustle; it's also a time for reflection and inner peace. Our Palo Santo Mystique beard oil brings the unique, soothing scent of palo santo wood, often used in spiritual rituals and meditation. Its calming aroma makes it perfect for those evenings when you unwind with some yoga or meditation.

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Embrace Nature's Bounty

Exploring the Benefits of All-Natural Ingredients for Beard Care

Our philosophy revolves around the belief that nature provides the best solutions for beard care. The Bearded Bastard is deeply committed to using only all-natural ingredients in their products, carefully selecting the finest botanical extracts, essential oils, and nourishing substances. With a wide range of products including beard oils, balms, waxes, and grooming accessories, we aim to provide beard enthusiasts with everything they need to maintain healthy, well-groomed, and stylish facial hair. 

Each product is meticulously crafted to deliver exceptional results while adhering to the brand's commitment to authenticity and quality. By harnessing the power of nature, The Bearded Bastard ensures that their products are not only effective but also gentle on the skin and environmentally friendly.

What does 'All Natural' really mean?

All-natural ingredients refer to substances derived from natural sources, such as plants, fruits, and essential oils, which are minimally processed and retain their inherent properties. These ingredients are obtained without the use of artificial additives, synthetic fragrances, or harmful chemicals commonly found in many personal care products.  They are free from artificial additives, synthetic fragrances, and harmful chemicals, making them a safer and healthier choice for maintaining a well-groomed and nourished beard.

Why does this matter?

Firstly, all-natural ingredients possess nurturing properties that deeply nourish and hydrate the beard. Ingredients like jojoba oil, argan oil, and shea butter deliver essential vitamins and nutrients, promoting healthy beard growth, preventing dryness, and reducing beardruff. By embracing all-natural ingredients, individuals can achieve a well-groomed, soft, and lustrous beard.

Secondly, all-natural ingredients are gentle on sensitive skin. Synthetic additives and chemicals commonly found in beard care products can cause skin irritation and allergic reactions. In contrast, all-natural ingredients are minimally processed and free from harmful chemicals, reducing the risk of adverse skin reactions. They provide a soothing and gentle experience, even for those with sensitive skin.

Opting for all-natural beard care products contributes to a positive environmental impact. Natural ingredients are derived from renewable sources, such as plants and fruits, making them sustainable and eco-friendly. Additionally, they are biodegradable, ensuring that they do not contribute to pollution or harm the environment.

By opting for these products, individuals can enjoy the nurturing benefits, experience gentleness on sensitive skin, and contribute to a positive environmental impact. We understand the importance of nature's bounty and strive to empower individuals on their bearded journey with confidence and care. 

Embrace the power of nature and embark on a grooming routine that not only enhances your beard but also aligns with your values of sustainability and well-being.

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Secrets to take your Beard to the Next Level

Exfoliate Your Beard:

Just like the skin on your face, your beard can benefit from exfoliation. Use a gentle facial scrub once or twice a week to remove dead skin cells and unclog hair follicles. This will promote healthier beard growth and prevent ingrown hairs.

Use a Beard Steamer:

Steaming your beard has numerous benefits. It helps to soften the hairs, making them more manageable and easier to style. Additionally, it opens up the pores, allowing the beard oil or balm to penetrate deeply and nourish the hair follicles. Invest in a beard steamer or simply use a hot towel to steam your beard before grooming.

Apply Beard Oil Before Bed:

Applying beard oil before going to bed has its advantages. During sleep, your body repairs and rejuvenates itself, and this includes your facial hair. By applying beard oil before bedtime, you provide overnight hydration and nourishment, which can lead to healthier and softer beard growth.

Cold Rinse for Shine:

Want your beard to shine? After washing your beard with warm water and shampoo, give it a cold rinse. The cold water helps to seal the hair cuticles, resulting in a smoother and shinier appearance.

Train Your Beard:

If you're growing out your beard or trying to shape it in a particular style, you can train your beard hairs using a boar bristle brush or a wooden comb. Gently brush or comb your beard in the desired direction to train the hairs to grow and lay in the desired pattern. This technique helps to maintain a neater and more controlled look.

Trim with Scissors, Not Clippers:

When it comes to shaping your beard, consider using scissors instead of clippers for a more precise and natural-looking result. Clippers can sometimes create harsh lines or uneven patches, while scissors allow you to carefully trim individual hairs and achieve a well-groomed appearance.

Moisturize with Beard Butter:

In addition to beard oil or balm, try incorporating beard butter into your grooming routine. Beard butter typically contains shea butter, cocoa butter, and essential oils. It provides deep moisture, nourishment, and helps to tame unruly hairs, leaving your beard soft and manageable.


Remember, everyone's beard is unique, so experiment with different techniques and products to find what works best for you. By incorporating these unique grooming tips into your routine, you'll elevate your beard care game and enjoy a healthier, more stylish beard.

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Let's start at the top.

Hey everyone,

It’s been a while since we’ve published something from the desk of the folx responsible for leading this rad family of brands. We usually keep our heads down unless we feel an update is needed or necessary. So, guess what? We think you’ll want to hear this one! So, let’s start from the top.

In 2021 Jeremiah passed on TBB to his pals at O’Douds, he knew that we would always put the customers and his fine products first. We formed a parent company that houses a small number of brands and business endeavors taken on by the core leadership team at O’Douds. As if dealing with the effects of a global pandemic wasn’t enough, we thought it would be cool to make our work lives a little more chaotic. Turns out, it’s been pretty damn cool. We’ve had a hell of a good time on our journey together. But that’s not to say it hasn’t been challenging. Our company has grown at least three times in size over a short time. Some of the growth has been from merging and mashing brands and businesses together. Most of it is because of the rapid increase in demand for our products.

We have always said that responsible growth is one of our values, and we have not wavered from our stance. However, our growth rate has put us in a position where we have had to let our customers down. Scent formulations have been compromised. Products have been out of stock for long periods. Shipping times have been slower. Communication has been lagging. The list goes on. The bottom line is that we are struggling to keep our word, but we are still committed to keeping it.

To this end, we’re in the process of completely overhauling our infrastructure to meet the needs of our customers. We will soon be implementing and installing all-new technology, production equipment, and strategies to help us meet the needs of our loyal customers. In the meantime, we want to notify you that things might slow down even more as we take the necessary time to implement changes and train our team to operate all of the implementations with a higher degree of efficiency.

We know that it’s frustrating to have to wait long periods for some of your favorite products, but we hope that our commitment to our customers shines through in all of the improvements we are making.

Our customer experience team will continue doing all that they can to serve and support you throughout this next season of growth. We hope to be on the other side of this transition within the next month or two. If anything changes, we’ll let you know.

In the meantime, sign up for our in-stock alerts and get a nice discount for your next purchase.


Joe Turner and The Team

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How To Get A Softer Beard

How To Get A Softer Beard

If there’s one thing that every guy wants, it’s a touchable soft beard that’s so healthy that it maintains a naturally glossy appearance.  Although, as many guys know, that’s easier said than done.  For one thing, everyone has their own beard hair type, with some guys having coarser facial hair than others.  The coarser your facial hair, the harder it is to achieve a soft feel.  Another problem is that a lot of factors can damage the beard hairs, causing them to become rigid and wiry rather than soft and smooth.  

But the good news is that The Bearded Bastard has created a line of products that are more than capable of giving you the softness that you dream of with quality, natural ingredients known for moisturizing and smoothing individual strands.

Improving Your Beard’s Softness

We’ll be giving you some tips relating to how to improve the softness level of your beard.  Follow them carefully and thoroughly and you’ll be well on your way to watching your facial hair transform over time.

Tip #1: Use More Beard Oil

If there’s one thing that we always tell our customers, it’s that beard oil is essential.  Beard oil is naturally rich in plant-based oils that are loaded with nutrients.  They don’t just moisturize your beard superficially, but they nourish it with what it needs to be healthy.  Using a beard oil daily can dramatically soften your beard.  If you find that your one daily application isn’t enough, consider doubling up, especially when the weather is particularly dry.

Tip #2: Add Some Beard Balm

A lot of guys find that beard oil isn’t enough, so they include beard balm in their daily routines as well.  Like beard oil, beard balm contains plant-based oils as well as plant butters that improve the condition of your beard.  

Tip #3: Trim it Regularly

Believe it or not, staying on top of your trimming sessions can help a lot with the feel of your beard.  Once the beard hairs have aged, they can start to break, which can make your beard feel coarse and wiry.  Trimming your beard regularly keeps those ends nice and healthy, which can benefit the overall feel of your facial hair.

Tip #4: Avoid Harsh External Factors

Certain external factors can dry out your beard, leaving it feeling anything but soft.  These factors include extremely hot water, high winds, high humidity and very dry air.  Protect your beard from these factors as much as you can.

Tip #5: Wash It Regularly

Try to properly wash your beard at least a couple of times each week.  Beard hair that’s dirty will feel heavy and rough as opposed to soft and smooth.  Use a dedicated beard wash for the best results.

A Softer Beard = A Happier Bearded Man

If you’re dealing with a problem relating to the texture and feel of your beard, use the tips above.  These tips will help you develop a softer-feeling beard at last.  By applying these tips to your daily beard care routine, you’ll find that your beard’s overall condition will improve tremendously.

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Beard Shedding - Yes, It's a Thing!

Beard Shedding - Yes, It's a Thing!
Beard Shedding can be a pervasive issue in the lives of many men. Luckily, there are methods of treatments out there that allow guys to grow beards that are as long and healthy as possible. Continue reading
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