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Matching Your Bearded Style with Your Hair Style

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Matching Your Bearded Style with Your Hair Style

Thinking about growing a beard for the first time? Or, perhaps, you’re just ready to try out a new facial hairstyle. Whatever the reason for donning a new look, it’s important to keep in mind that your facial hair and the hair on your head need to be harmonious, in terms of style, in order for your look to work.
Luckily for you, we’ve created a guide that will help you choose the perfect beard style for your unique hairstyle.

Hairstyle: Short and Neat

If you keep your hair cropped very short, you’ll probably want to keep your beard very short as well. To complement this hairstyle, we recommend going with the stubble look or something only slightly longer. Alternatively, you can try a very short goatee with angular lines. Just make sure that you stay on top of the trimming and shaving, so the look never starts to get sloppy.

Hairstyle: Tousled and Carefree

If you’re more into the surfer style, you’re probably rocking tousled waves that are about an inch or two off of your head. This means that you should grow a full beard in order to match the fullness and thickness of your hair. Let your beard grow in fully so that there are no patches. Then, use a beard balm to style it in a way that enhances those natural beachy waves. Simply run the product through your beard using your fingers for a carefree look.

Hairstyle: Shaggy and Thick

If you have naturally curly, thick hair that you wear like a shag, you can get away with a slightly longer beard. We recommend growing it out fully and letting it go just below the chin. Then, trim it weekly to keep things nice and neat. After all, if the hair on your head is shaggy, you want your beard to be a little neater so that you don’t look completely unkempt.

Hairstyle: Long and Unruly

If you’ve grown out your hair very long, you can pull off a lot of different beard styles, but we always enjoy seeing a very long beard to match. A long, thick beard will make you the envy of your friends and help enhance your masculinity. Just make sure that while it grows, you use a nourishing beard oil daily and comb it at least once each day. This will keep your beard free of tangles and damage that could force you to chop it all off prematurely.

Hairstyle: Retro

If your hairstyle is inspired by another era in time, you’ll want to do some research to make sure that your beard is equally appropriate to the period. Pull up some pictures of different men during that decade to figure out how they used to wear their facial hair. Then, take those pictures to a barber so that he or she can help give you the style that you want.

Hairstyle: Bald

Sure, being bald isn’t the most desirable thing, but the good news is that it allows you to rock any type of beard you’d like. A bald head is like a blank canvas in that it can’t possibly clash with the type of facial hair style that you choose. So, in that sense, the world is your oyster.

Hairstyle: Intricately Styled

An intricate hairstyle requires a beard style that isn’t trying to compete. If you’re rocking, say, a very tall mohawk, keep your beard as simple as can be so that it doesn’t distract from those fabulous locks.

Hairstyle: Man Bun

A sleek man bun looks best with a very carefully sculpted, thick beard. If your beard isn’t naturally thick, use a wax-based beard balm or pomade to thicken things up. Then, make sure that you stay on top of those grooming sessions so that the shape and length are always impeccable.

Other Factors to Consider

Basic but important nonetheless:


For many men, the hair on their head doesn’t match the hair on their face in terms of color. If you wish, dye your beard so that it matches your hair, but try to go with a coloring product that isn’t too harsh so that your facial hair doesn’t become damaged.

Face Shape

Every man’s face shape is different, and some beard styles look better on some face shapes more than others. So, figure out which type of face shape you have before choosing a beard style. For example, shorter beards work better with rectangular face shapes.

Now You Know How to Match it Up

With so many beard styles to choose from, it can be quite a challenge to decide the look that’s right for you. However, it’s important to consider your hairstyle before opting for a new look. This guide will ensure that you pull of a flawless style that doesn’t clash.

 If you need more help determining your ideal facial hair type, check out our beard quiz product chooser.

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