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4 TBB Beard Care Products to Get You into the Holiday Season

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4 TBB Beard Care Products to Get You into the Holiday Season

'Tis the Season to Be Bearded

Now that the weather is really cooling down, we’re beginning to embrace that special feeling in the air. This is a time of year when we can slow down a little bit and do things that are deeply comforting to us, whether they are watching our favorite football team each Sunday or cozying up with a blanket and a good book.

If you’re a bearded man who embraces the seasons as we do, we’ve got something special for you. Today, we’ll be diving into four products that can help you really get into the spirit. Each of these products will benefit your beard tremendously while getting you into the holiday mood just like a big glass of eggnog or a super warm, comfy sweater.

#4: Simply Vanilla Mustache Wax

Once the winter weather runs around, we want warmer flavors and aromas that have the unique ability to comfort us as the air gets chilly. That’s why our Simply Vanilla Mustache Wax is such a big hit this time of year. Vanilla is a warming scent that makes our mouths water and gives our souls a nice, big hug.  

This mustache wax won’t just intoxicate your senses, but it will also ensure that your mustache looks and feels great as the weather gets more and more dry.  Dry air can leave our mustaches looking disheveled and lackluster, and this wax is just what you need to restore its shine and luxurious touch.

#3: Vetiver Beard Balm

Another great late-season product is our Vetiver Beard Balm. Vetiver is a dark and mysterious fragrance that’s woodsy, leathery and floral, all at once.  Its rich and dark nature makes it perfect for the cool weather, and you’ll love the comforting nature of its aroma.

This beard balm is also crucial if you want to keep your beard looking and feeling healthy as the temperature drops. Rich in natural moisturizing ingredients, it will protect your precious beard against damage caused by dry air.

#2: Woodsman Beard Oil

Our Woodsman Beard Oil is the penultimate must-have for the season.  The woodsy scent is like season’s greetings in a bottle thanks to its earthy, smoky and slightly spicy notes. And, more importantly, this beard oil will help your beard survive the cold months ahead. It’s deeply moisturizing thanks to a blend of high-quality, organic oils that are derived from plants. So go ahead and apply this oil liberally each day.

#1: Ho, Ho, Ho! Beard Oil & Ho, Ho, Ho! Beard Balm

Ho, Ho, Ho! beard care products have returned for 2019! This fan-favorite is only back for a short time, so be sure to procure a bottle for your holiday festivities. Ho, Ho, Ho! is the perfect blend of Douglas Fir and cinnamon and a must-have for the holiday season or as a gift for a bearded friend. Smell the part for your office holiday party or family get-together with our # 1-holiday beard oil and beard balm.

Nourish Your Beard While Embracing the Holiday Spirit

Each of these four beard products will fill your senses with the aromas of the holiday season while giving your beard what it needs to look and feel its very best. If you’re all about this magical time of year, these products are absolute must-haves for your collection. And, like all of The Bearded Bastard products, they’re made with outstanding, natural ingredients that your facial hair and skin will absolutely love.

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