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Origin Story

The Bearded Bastard was founded by Jeremiah Newton in 2011 when he started making Woodsman Mustache Wax out of his Austin studio. Originally formulated to tame his trademark handlebar mustache, his friends in Austin begged him to sell the wax so they could tame their own ‘staches. Recently divorced, Jeremiah only had a motorcycle to his name. With a bag full of product strapped to his back, he rode around town introducing barbershops to his soon to be signature scented products: Woodsman Beard Oil and Woodsman Mustache Wax.   

Word soon got out about the wax’s impeccable hold and the oil’s natural cedar scent. By 2013 Men’s Journal, GQ, and Esquire were clamouring to publish about his products as the best in beard grooming and the cult status spread around the world.




What We Do

We make styling and skincare products that stand up to rough daily use and still leave you looking and smelling manly.

We are passionate about crafting unique and adventurous scents and expertly pushing product categories forward to create the best grooming experience possible. All of our products are handmade in Texas from the highest quality ingredients. Expertly crafted and hand mixed, we work hard to track down the finest original ingredients for our products — often from some of the most exotic locales on Earth. Every scent is formulated in house with an emotion or memory in mind and every bottle is wrapped in our signature real wood label with care before leaving our facility.

You will find many imitations of The Bearded Bastard but zero substitutes. 

Who We Are

In 2020 Jeremiah desired a life beyond The Bearded Bastard and passed the company onto another Texas company, O’Douds.  Jeremiah selected the team at O’Douds because they had the same ethos of care; care for the community, customer, product, and Earth.  An umbrella company, Sensible Cosmetics Co. was formed to house both TBB & O’Douds and allow the brands to share in labor and knowledge, but also stand on their own, within their own communities.  Expertly crafted and hand mixed, we are passionate about doing things the right way and use natural ingredients from sustainable and responsible sources whenever possible. All of our products are made by hand in Houston, Texas by employees making a living wage with benefits.

Team Favorites
"The Woodsman scent brings me back to the smell of my childhood growing up in New Mexico, Texas and Oklahoma." Jeremiah
"Early Riser - early morning coffee, pancakes, butter and maple syrup, reminds me of my time backpacking in Wyoming and all the lovely memories that came with it." Jay
"Man of the Woods - Complicated yet versatile, aspects of woods and class, I feel it can be worn anywhere. Reminds me of a calm northwest forest, one sniff brings me back to calm and silence." Lauren
"The most appealing part of barbershop is how clean of a scent it is. The nostalgia of an old school barbershop doesn't hurt either." Casey
"Barista - Reminds me of early springtime trips, ramping around Lake Cushman in my old Olympia days" Tess
"Man of the Woods - I like the manly cologne aspects of it, it is the perfect mix of the board room and a wood shop." Jason