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4 Beard Styles We’re Envious of Right Now

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As we all know, beards have been a top trend for a while now and it’s a trend that doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon. Sometimes it’s hard to know what style is best for you and your face shape, or even what style you really want to strive for when growing your beard.
We wanted to drop in and show you 4 beard styles we’re envious of right now. These gentlemen may all be celebrities of some type, however, that doesn’t make their facial hair any less magnificent.

Adil Rami - @adilrami

Adil Rami

You may have spotted Adil on our Instagram feed following France's win in the World Cup, as most of the world took not of his extraordinary facial hair styling. Adil plays as a central defender for French club Marseille and he refers to his facial hair as the #luckystache on social media. 

Well kept and well styled, we give Adil a 10/10 for creativity, as well as, sportsmanship.  

Jason Momoa

Jason Momoa

Some of you may know him as legend, Khal Drogo. Others may know him best as Aquaman. Either way, Jason Momoa is known for having some stellar facial hair. Although he may keep it a little less styled at times, we admire Jason's dedication to the bearded life. 

Jared Leto - @jaredleto

Jared Leto

This legendary actor, who's well known for his roles in Suicide Squad and Dallas Buyers Club and as the frontman of 30 Seconds to Mars, is known for switching up his facial hair styling. At times Jared will be beardless, trimmed, or full-blown lumberjack. You just never know what you're going to get with him and we like that element of surprise. 

Lately, as Jared promotes his bands upcoming tour, he appears to be leaning more towards a hippie lumberjack vibe with a medium length beard and minimal styling technique. 

Drake - @champagnepapi


Aka Drizzy, aka Champagne Papi, aka Jimmy Brooks. No matter what you want to call him, I think we can all agree that Drake is a pretty damn suave guy. Drake does a killer job of keeping his beard maintained, probably thanks to a traveling barber, but we can still admire the effort and determination to keeping his style fresh. 

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