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5 Tips to Pull Off the Perfect Summer Stache!

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5 Tips to Pull Off the Perfect Summer Stache!

Its officially summer, and I know down here in the lone star state like many other places in the country, it gets blistering hot. This heat leads some of you bastards to trim or even shave that glorious winter mane, leaving many of you with a foreign, lonely lip rug. Below are 5 tips to make your stache an envious delight.

1. Beard oil isn't just for your beard

Your mustache much like your beard is capable of getting itchy and flaky. Combat that annoying flakiness by applying beard oil. A few drops will go along way in keeping that stache healthy and full. 

2. Wax those whiskers

No one likes those stray hairs getting in your mouth. Wax is here to save the day. Simply choose your favorite scent and get to work. After using the back of your thumbnail to scrape out your wax, use your pointer finger and thumb to warm the wax to a soft pliable texture. Pull the now softened wax through your mustache starting from the middle of the lip. Now you can sculpt the perfect shape for you!

3. A fine-toothed comb

When styling your stache make sure you have a great fine-toothed comb like a Kent 81T to help you get from that messy morning crumb catcher to a mustache you can be proud of! The Kent 81t is the elite of the mustache comb world. It's handmade in England and is the perfect tool to prep your stache before applying wax.

4. A good pair of scissors

Scissors are an incredibly important weapon to have in your grooming arsenal. Make sure to use stainless steel scissors that are made for facial hair. Your hair on your face is much coarser than on the rest of your body so it will eventually make the scissors blunt after time if you don't get a good quality steel. We highly recommend the Tweezerman scissors that we carry in our grooming kits. Stray hairs don’t stand a chance in between trips to the barber! 

5. A knowledgable barber 

A good barber will be able to shape your stache to fit your face giving you a great foundation to start with as you embark on this summer journey! 

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