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Brother Moto: Taking Care of Business

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Brother Moto: Taking Care of Business


Brother Moto East Atlanta

Brother Moto is the type of motorcycle shop we think every shop should strive to be. Welcoming, enthusiastic about bikes, plenty of personality, and just damn fun. Brother Moto is not a repair shop, it's not a motorcycle dealership, it's a coworking space in East Atlanta where members can borrow tools to tune and customize their bikes.

The founders of Brother Moto, Bobby Russell and Jared Erickson, wanted to create a space where the "motocurious" could learn to turn a wrench and hang with fellow bike enthusiasts.

There's just one problem, their neighbors in East Atlanta Village had different ideas. Just 8 months after they opened their doors, the City of Atlanta and the East Atlanta business community used the local zoning laws to shut down Brother Moto. Turns out they didn't think a motorcycle shop was harmonious with the vision they had for the community.

Brother Moto Shut Down

But rather than wallow in their sorrows, Russell and Erickson have gotten to work. Taking cues from The King himself, they're taking care of business. While they scout around for new shop locations in the Atlanta area, they're hosting a fundraiser on their website. Think of it as a motorcycle shop's version of a bake sale.

Brother Moto's TCB collection is a limited run, and all proceeds go to helping Russell and Erickson get the shop back on its feet. They're selling TCB bandanas, pins, shirts, mugs, and more. If you're like us and want to see Brother Moto succeed and spread their love for bikes, support them by preordering your own TCB merch—and keep taking care of business.

 Brother Moto TCB Collection

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