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A Tidy and Well-Kept Beard is a Good-Looking Beard

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A Tidy and Well-Kept Beard is a Good-Looking Beard

So many men think that once they’ve grown out their beard to their desired length, their work is over.  However, many of these men find that gradually, their facial hair becomes damaged, dry, frizzy and generally messy.  That’s because they haven’t created a daily beard care regimen in order to maintain its health and keep up its appearance.  

A proper beard care routine does require a few steps, but it’s very much worth it as your beard will look and feel great.  Besides, many men find that their beard care routine is therapeutic, falling under the category of “self-care.” Below, you’ll discover the most important steps to caring for your beard.


How Often: Daily

Cleansing is one of the most overlooked steps of a standard beard care regimen.  However, it’s easily one of the most crucial. Our skin and facial hair accumulate dirt and oil throughout the day.  Little by little, this dirt and oil clog the pores and hair follicles, interfering with hair growth while contributing to things like acne and skin irritation.

Today, you can find plenty of cleansers that are designed for facial hair.  Whether you go with a cleansing bar or a liquid cleanser, make sure that the ingredients aren’t too harsh or else you’ll end up drying your skin.


How Often: Twice a Week

Exfoliating is another crucial step to maintaining your beard.  Exfoliators act as scrubs that dislodge dirt and oil that are deep beneath the surface of the skin.  While cleansing removes gunk that’s on the surface, it’s the exfoliator that gets really deep into the pores and follicles.  Always choose an exfoliator that’s made with natural ingredients in order to prevent skin irritation.

Beard Balm

How Often: Daily

Technically, a beard balm is optional, but it’s becoming more and more popular as men are gravitating toward more stylized beard styles.  A balm is a thick, waxy product that helps shape the beard and smooth down unruly strands. It’s also deeply hydrating as it contains ingredients like beeswax, lanolin and plant-based oils.

If you’re going to use a beard balm, make sure that it’s not full of synthetic fragrances that can actually irritate your skin when applied daily.  Better yet, opt for a scent that synergizes with the fragrance of your other beard products.

Beard Oil

How Often: Daily

The benefits of using a beard oil daily can’t be overstated.  Our facial hair and skin demand a lot of hydration as so many environmental factors strip away the natural moisturizing oils that protect our beard and complexion.  Without the proper amount of moisture, our facial hair becomes damaged, leading to breakage, frizz and a generally unhealthy-looking appearance.

The right beard oil is made with plant-based oils that don’t irritate the skin.  Oils like jojoba, olive, coconut and avocado are all great for the health of your skin and beard.  Massaging a beard oil into your beard each day will leave the hair looking shiny, smooth, soft and incredibly healthy.

A beard oil is also a great way to apply fragrance to your facial hair.  Go with a natural fragrance that isn’t overpowering.

Beard Comb or Brush

How Often: Daily

Brushing or combing your beard helps you untangle any knots while allowing you to evenly distribute moisture throughout your facial hair.  Whether you use a comb or a brush is really up to you. We always suggest that you avoid brushing or combing when your beard is wet as this can lead to breakage.


How Often: Depends

Keeping your beard regularly trimmed is important if you want to maintain a tidy shape.  How often you trim your beard really depends on how fast your beard grows and what length you’re trying to maintain.

Keep Your Beard Tidy and Healthy with a Dedicated Beard Care Routine

These simple grooming practices can make an enormous difference in the feel and appearance of your beard. To get started, check out our helpful walkthroughs and product pages!


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