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Beard Wash 101: Why You Need It

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Beard Wash 101: Why You Need It

For so long now we’ve been telling you how important it is to wash your beard, but not providing you with the best product to do so. Now, with Brass Knuckle Beard Wash being introduced to the game, we want to explain what it is and why you need to stock up asap!

What It Is

Brass Knuckle Beard & Body Wash is a grime-busting tool that you can use with confidence. Our beard and body wash is completely all-natural and rich with antioxidants. We used some incredible and high quality ingredients, including rosehip seed oil, broccoli seed oil, sunflower oil and more.

This wash is meant to be a gentle cleanser that leaves your hair and skin feeling soft, unlike other general soaps and shampoos. Available in our most beloved scent, Woodsman, this beard wash should fit seamlessly into any bastard’s grooming kit.

Why You Need It

As if the ‘what it is’ section didn’t make it clear enough, you need this beard wash. Not only is it going to strip away the dirt and grime that builds up in your beard over time, but it’s also going to keep your beard and skin hydrated in the process. Some men would use their regular old shampoo or a simple soap, but these can strip the moisture from your beard and cause issues like beard dandruff and itch. So by using our Brass Knuckle Beard Wash, you never have to worry about oil striping from your beard or skin underneath.

It’s also going to leave your beard smelling manly as ever as you step out of the shower thanks to our signature Woodsman scent.

How To Use It

On average, a beardsman should be washing his beard twice a week. Our Brass Knuckle Beard Wash will help to moisturize your beard while cleansing, leaving your beard hydrated and soft.

When applying the beard wash, it’s good practice to apply it in circular motions massaging the skin as you wash to stimulate blood flow and even hair growth. Even though our Brass Knuckle Beard Wash will help to moisturize your beard, we still recommend applying your go-to beard oil post shower, or whenever you typically do so.  

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