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How To Stop Beard Dandruff

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How To Stop Beard Dandruff

You bastards have worked long and hard to get your beard game to where it is at today. So we’re here to help you keep your beard game strong by solving and avoiding common issues, such as beard dandruff.

Let’s start off with what’s causing the issue. Every man’s beard is different and every man’s skin is different, meaning there’s not necessarily one common cause (or fix for that matter) of beard dandruff. There are two main causes of beard dandruff: dry skin and fungus.

When it comes to dry skin being the issue, this is often caused by using harsh cleansers and shampoos to wash your beard. This cleansers are stripping away the beneficial oils in your skin causing irritation, i.e. the dandruff. Dry skin can also be caused by harsh weather conditions and not hydrating properly, both inside and out.

Fungal infections feed on natural skin oils and breaks them down into oleic acid. Many of us are sensitive to oleic acid, which triggers itching, redness, and dandruff.

Now that we’ve gotten to the root of the problem (pun intended), let’s talk through some tips for how to get your beard back on track.

  1. As always, wash that beard.

We just stated that some harsh shampoos and beard washes could be what’s causing this issue in the first place. So, make sure that when you are washing your beard that you’re ensuring you’re using a quality product. Make sure your shampoo/beard wash is natural and maybe even contains Ketoconazole, which helps to prevent some of these issues.

  1. Condition With Beard Oil and/or Balm

Using beard oil regularly is going to help keep your beard and your skin moisturized. Again, make sure you’re using a natural beard oil (rest assured, all of the Bastard’s products are natural). A little goes a long way, so you only need a few drops to keep your beard hydrated and happy.  Beard balm is great to treat as a leave-in conditioner + styling tool. Not only will it work to keep your beard hydrated, but it will help your beard hold its shape all day long.

  1. Brush That Beautiful Mane

Brushing your beard is going to be an easy way to exfoliate your skin deep within your beard and lift any unwanted skin flakes to the surface. Once this is complete, it may be a good time to wash your beard to get those unwanted skin flakes out of there. The brush will also help distribute any beard oil that you used and aids in removing loose dirt and debris that have accumulated in your beard.  

  1. Help to Eliminate Stress

Stress can cause men to be more prone to issues like beard dandruff. This means making sure you get enough sleep at night and exercise regularly to avoid stress. Exercise also helps promote healthy skin and a therefore a healthy beard.

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