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Mustache Wax 101

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Mustache Wax 101

Some men venture into the mustache world without the knowledge necessary to maintain a solid 'stache game. We're here to help you out by answering some common Mustache Wax questions and even included a video tutorial to show you how a proper Bastard styles his mustache. 

Question 1: How come my mustache doesn't seem to hold up in the summer, even with wax? 

In the summertime, the heat + humidity can have an effect on the hold of your mustache wax. Especially in the hot Texas summers, you may find that you need to re-apply a little extra wax midway through the day or switch to a bit of a stronger hold to help maintain your style. 

Question 2: How is mustache wax different from a beard balm? 

Mustache wax and beard balm both have styling properties. Where the two products differ is really the level of styling hold they provide. Beard balm is used more as a combination of facial hair moisturizer and styling hold. The beard balm has a strong, but not stiff styling ability. This allows it to keep your hairs tame and in line, but still allows for movement. A mustache wax has a much stronger hold and will allow you to mold your mustache into the eccentric style of your choosing with all-day, worry free hold. 

Question 3: How to I wash out my mustache wax?

Washing the days wax out of your mustache is as easy as using a gentle soap in the shower to scrub your facial hair. You can also choose to not wash out the wax and go a 2nd day with the product at a lesser hold.  


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