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The Best Types of Beards for Tattooed Men

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The Best Types of Beards for Tattooed Men

Are you proud of your tattoos, and you want to enhance your overall look to make those tattoos shine more than ever before? If so, the easiest thing that you can do is grow a magnificent beard. But, before you do that, know that certain beard styles complement tattoos better than others. And, if you’re wondering which kind of beard to grow, we’re here to help. We’ve created the ultimate guide to matching your beard style to your tattoos so that your personal style can be more on point than ever before.

Do Beards and Tattoos Go Together?

Since tattoos were first a thing, beards and ink have been a match made in style heaven. There’s something about a beard that enhances a man’s masculinity, and tattoos do that as well. So, it’s only natural that rocking the two at the same time can give you a super masculine look that will change the way that people perceive you for the better.

A Couple of Tattoos: Stubble

The stubble look is flattering on basically every guy, because it’s just rugged enough to look like you don’t care that much about your appearance. And, if you’re rocking just a couple of tattoos here and there, the stubble look works perfectly. It won’t be so intense that it takes attention off of your ink. Instead, it will complement your overall style.

Maintaining the stubble look is a piece of cake, and you’ve probably done it before without even meaning to when you didn’t have time for a full shave. Just use clippers to keep things extremely short, and don’t put too much effort into shaping those lines because this look is all about being carefree.

Full Sleeves: The Lumberjack

Are you rocking full sleeves of ink? If so, the lumberjack look may be a great way to go. Those tattoos give you a bit of an edge, and a full, thick beard helps take that style to a whole new level. Growing a lumberjack beard is pretty simple as it just requires that you allow the beard to grow for a few months before maintaining its shape weekly with a clipper or some scissors.
Remember that a full beard requires a lot of careful grooming habits. First, it’s crucial that you style and hydrate your beard with a beard balm and a beard oil. It’s also important that you trim the ends regularly so that they don’t start splitting. And, don’t forget to use a comb or brush daily.

Vintage Tattoos: The Olde English

If you’re a guy who loves that retro style, you’ve probably got some tattoos that are inspired by vintage imagery. To enhance that retro look, we suggest going with an Olde English. This type of beard has that vintage, timeless look, and it’s extremely flattering on most men. It does require a bit more grooming as the lines need to be more clearly defined than those of, say, a lumberjack beard. But, that neat yet full style makes the effort completely worth it.

To perfect this beard style, use a beard balm to style your facial hair and keep things tidy. Then, use a styling comb to nail that shape so that the hair looks smooth rather than unkempt.

Any Tattoos: The Short-Boxed Beard

Whether you’re completely decked out in ink or have a single tattoo on one arm, the short-boxed beard won’t let you down. This universally flattering style helps toughen up your look without being over the top. It works with most face shapes, and can look great whether you’ve got fine, straight facial hair or a beard that’s extremely curly and coarse.

The short-boxed beard requires that you trim and shape it regularly. That’s because this look can go from tidy to messy with just one week of neglect. Be careful when you define those lines so that everything is symmetrical. And, use a comb to brush over any patchy areas.

Full Body of Ink: Mutton Chops

For men wearing a full body of ink, you’re someone who most likely enjoys looking a little different from the rest. If that rings true, we’d love to recommend the mutton chops look. This look requires a good deal of confidence to pull off, and it’s clear that you have what it takes to rock it to its full potential.
Just bear in mind that with mutton chops, you have to stay on top of those trims. This look is all about clearly defined edges.

Trends Come and Go…

But both beards and tattoos will never go out of style. Use this guide to marry your ink to your facial hair. No matter what tattoos you have, there’s a beard style that will improve your personal style.

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