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Why Do “All-Natural” Ingredients Matter in Beard Care Products?

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Why Do “All-Natural” Ingredients Matter in Beard Care Products?

As more men around the world are proudly growing out their facial hair, the beard care industry is at an all-time high in terms of profitability.  Naturally, this means that there are a whole lot of brands out there that are making cheap products in order to make a quick buck or two off of the trend.  This is why it’s more important than ever that men, who want to maintain the healthiest beard possible, know what to look for when choosing the right products to enhance their facial hair.

One of the biggest issues with today’s beard care industry is the use of harsh ingredients that actually do more harm than good when it comes to your facial hair.  For this reason, we always urge men to stick to natural formulas that utilize plant-based ingredients. The health of your facial hair depends on it.

So, how can you figure out which beard care products are better for your facial hair than others?  We’re here to help.

The Commercial Beard Care Industry and its Use of Synthetic Ingredients

Most beard care companies on the market today care about one thing, and that’s profitability.  So, they use products with cheap fillers that keep manufacturing costs down, but at the cost of your beard and skin's overall health.

There are many ingredients commonly used in commercial beard care products that don’t actually help your beard.  Some, in fact, actually hurt your beard over time. For example, many beard cleansers contain sulfates. These harsh detergents strip the natural oils away from your beard, leaving each cuticle damaged from dehydration.  Simply put, sulfates will leave that facial hair looking dry, dull and frizzy, rather than smooth, soft and tidy.

Additionally, companies commonly use synthetic fragrances to make their products smell good.  The issue is that synthetic fragrances are often derived from petroleum, a chemical that can seriously irritate skin that’s on the sensitive side.  

Benefits of All-Natural Ingredients

Clearly, natural ingredients are the way to go if you want to maintain a happy and healthy beard.  These ingredients may be more expensive for the manufacturer, but they’re far more beneficial to your facial hair overall.  Plant-based ingredients are gentler on your beard and skin, and many of them boast a wide variety of healing properties that allow them to multi-task once applied.

Plant-Based Moisturizers

Plant-based moisturizers like olive oil, jojoba oil and coconut oil are far more effective at keeping your facial hair hydrated than synthetic moisturizers.  Many commercial beard care products contain silicones that, rather than moisturizing your hair deep beneath the cuticles, simply coat each strand in an artificial covering that doesn’t actually prevent damage or keep that facial hair hydrated.  Meanwhile, the plant-based moisturizers listed above don’t just hydrate hair on a deep level – they contain nutrients that improve the overall health of your skin and beard.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are natural fragrances that ensure that your beard smells absolutely amazing. Besides that, essential oils contain terpenes which are chemical compounds that have unique healing benefits.  Many essential oils naturally soothe irritation, calm inflammation, kill bacteria and provide your skin with anti-aging antioxidants.  

Beard Care Products at the Bearded Bastard

At The Bearded Bastard, we’re proud to use all-natural formulas that heal and protect your beard and skin deep below the surface.  We happily list all of our ingredients as we have nothing to hide. We use top-quality plant-based moisturizers, essential oils and other natural extracts that keep your beard in the best condition possible.

Go All-Natural!

In order to maintain healthy skin and facial hair, all-natural products are key.  Otherwise, you risk damaging those delicate beard strands. Our all-natural formulas will ensure that your beard is healthy deep beneath the surface.

Check out our products and ingredients list to see the difference!

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