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Fresh, Clean, Floral/Bay Rum, Tea Tree, Lavender

Our Barbershop scent was created to evoke that 1920's Barbershop smell. Relive those good old days with hints of calendula, eucalyptus, lavender, bay rum aftershave, and tobacco. This is where men can be men.

Travel you back to your childhood, to those Saturday morning trips with your old man. A small brass bell above the door chimes softly as you walk into the shop. Recall your first foray into the lives of men — the atmosphere rich with frank, gruff talk, heavy laughter and stacks of magazines that momma probably didn't want you to read. The air seems different here; heavy, tinged with the medicinal scent of Barbicide, coalescing amongst the various talcs & tonics, memories of cigars from the night before and the smell of leather as you slide comfortably into the big chair.

Command the room by discovering a new-found boldness with our Barbershop scented products below: