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"I love Bearded Bastard products, and hands down this is their best scent. It is sultry and smooth, suitable for both a day out in the woods on a hike or an intimate night in with a loved one." - Michael H.

Vetiver, Bay Rum, Aftershave, Wood, Leather, Lime, Light

Our Vetiver scents are reminiscent of that old, cherished leather jacket that you inherited from your Pops. A wave of nostalgia embracing you every time you pull it over your shoulders. Subtle notes of wood and worn-in leather catalyze memories of the study connected to his shop, combined with a strong vetiver note, deep and pleasing, like the old cologne he always used to wear. No matter where you are, when you put on that jacket… life just seems better.

Rediscover Dad’s leather jacket by checking out our Vetiver scented products below: