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The Bar Kit

Grooming Kits & Gifts

Discover the perfect gift for the bearded man in your life with our meticulously curated Gift Kits. Each kit is an invitation to explore and indulge in the finest beard care essentials.

The Bar Kit - A premium collection, featuring exclusive beard oils not available for individual purchase. These select blends are crafted for the connoisseur, offering an unrivaled beard grooming experience. From the luxurious feel to the exquisite scents, the Bar Kit is a celebration of sophistication and style.

Classic Beard Oil Sample Kits - Ideal for those new to The Bearded Bastard or looking to explore our signature scents. This kit offers a journey through our most beloved classic blends, each designed to nourish and enhance your beard while enveloping you in captivating aromas.

Premium Beard Oil Sample Kits - Elevate your grooming ritual with our premium selection. This kit includes samples of our high-end beard oils, each embodying the essence of luxury and refinement. Perfect for the discerning gentleman who seeks nothing but the best.

Leather Coasters


Ho, Ho, Ho! Beard Oil


Kiss My Grass Beard Oil

Limited Scents

Lone Stranger

Lone Stranger

There’s a long shadow over that ridge. No wait, there’s two. The dust settles and the golden glow of the desert landscape eclipses into nightfall. The land is rough, gnarled, and in need of taming. Let your worries be gone partner. Two lone strangers appear. Together at last. You join one another underneath a blanket of stars and trade stories of the old and the new. The campfire is blazing. The whiskey is poured. The boots are off and all is well. You can rest easy now. 

Lone Stranger is an ode to the long forgotten days of the American West. With notes of amber, coffee, and spices of clove and coriander. A marriage of our Morocco and Opium Den scents, Lone Stranger blends the best of both of those distant worlds together, creating a scent so pure, nostalgic, and alluring that it could only be crafted by The Bearded Bastard.

Man of the Woods Premium Beard Oil

Man of the Woods

Woodsy, Mossy, Warm/Cedar, Sandalwood, Cade

Man of the Woods takes you on a journey into the old-growth of the wilds, where you will venture deep into the realms of an arcane forest. While our famous Woodsman scent feels more like a casual hike, Man of the Woods takes you off the beaten path with a muskier, intricate essence.

Walk through the deeps woodlands of Northern Oregon after a calming rain. Set up camp and sit back with a bottle of aged bourbon and a seasoned pipe. A modest campfire on a cool night; twilight approaches and the sky fills with the light of a billion stars. Man of the Woods has much to contemplate beneath its woodsy exterior.

Invite the gentle embrace of Mother Nature by exploring our Man of the Woods scented products below:

Mint Julep Beard Oil

Mint Julep

Drip, drip, drip goes all that icy condensation trickling down your frosty cup of Mint Julep. This is the drink of Southern Summers - a waft of refreshing mint and the deep aromatics of a rich bourbon ease your mind.  The ice cooling you down as the bourbon warms your throat, both temperatures help to ease the heat of the blazing sun. You can hear the ice crumble in your glass as you grasp the frosty cup and bring it up to your bearded mouth.

Mint Julep is a sweet bourbon scented oil with a muddle of mint to add a tiny bit of refreshing zest to the scent. It is a mighty fine way to experience The Bearded Bastard. 



Sweet, Spicy, Exotic, Clove, Amber, Coffee

Our Morocco scent will transport you to the decorative streets of a classic Moroccan market.

The polychromatic tapestry of street wares blends together with the pleasant scents of peppermint, cloves, vanilla, coffee and other exotic spices, culminating in an unfamiliar yet comforting excitement.

A sensitive spirit with a penchant for the unexpected. Seductive, versatile with a smooth finale. Balanced to perfection, Morocco is your conduit to a great adventure.

Begin your journey to the exotic unknown by exploring our Morocco scented products below:

Mint Julep Mustache Wax

Mustache Wax

Tangerine Dream Cologne

New Arrivals

Palo Santo Face Oil — Newton + Co

Newton + Co.

Opium Den

Opium Den

Spicy, Smoky, Dark/Amber, Tobacco, Vanilla

Opium Den’s delightfully intoxicating scent combines the charm of an Eastern market with the dark richness of fine tobacco and smoldering resins. Notes of cloves, vanilla, and coffee will transport you to a destination of exotic enchantment, tinged with an aura of alluring danger.

A clandestine encounter at a speakeasy; cocktails, rare cigars, wading in luxurious conversation that opens a door to endless possibilities. Let yourself float away on the comforting vapors of Opium Den.

Burn the Midnight Oil by sinking into our Opium Den inspired products below:

Opium Den & Morocco

Palo Santo Face Oil — Newton + Co

Palo Santo

Sweet, Almond, Apricot, Currant Seed, Tamanu

Spanish for “holy wood”, TBB’s Palo Alto scent celebrates this tree’s acclaimed ritual cleansing properties. We have cultivated our Palo Alto products with natural, plant-based ingredients that won’t irritate your skin like harsh chemicals. Natural oils allow for easy absorption, sending signals to your skin that will mitigate the production of excess oil, resulting in clearer, healthier skin.

Travel back to the acroamatic coasts of South America. Cleanse your mind, body and soul with the essence of these mystical trees. Break free of the malaise, negativity and stress of the modern world. Find peace.

Experience the restorative properties of the “Holy Wood” by checking out our Palo Santo infused products below:

Woodsman Classic Beard Oil

Quick Order

Rum Runner Oil

Rum Runner

Classic Beard Oil Travel Tin


Simply Vanilla

Simply Vanilla

Sweet, Light, Pure, Vanilla

Simply Vanilla is a tribute to one of the most remarkably versatile extracts in the world. This scent is carefully crafted to celebrate minimalism while transcending other one-note contemporaries.

Vanilla has long been celebrated for its flavor and scent and holds an important chapter in the history of exploration and empires. Deceptively simple, vanilla celebrates a complex symphony that is sure to entice and delight.

Extol your passion for simplistic luxury by exploring our Simply Vanilla products below: