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How to Use Beard Oil Properly

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How to Use Beard Oil Properly

A surprising number of bearded guys use beard oil daily without realizing that they’re going about the process incorrectly. The thing about beard oil is that good ingredients aren’t enough to give you the luscious facial hair that you deserve. In addition to buying the best formula for your facial hair’s specific needs, you also have to make sure that you apply it using the proper process.

Step #1: Try to Take a Shower Beforehand

The first step that we recommend is showering beforehand. Now, we know that this isn’t always possible, as many guys have limited time in the morning before they’re expected to be at work. But even five minutes in a warm shower can benefit your beard oil game. How? Well, a shower helps open up the pores and follicles, allowing more beard oil to get absorbed where it can really make a difference.

Step #2: Cleanse Your Beard

Next, you have to cleanse your beard. This isn’t just for hygienic purposes; a clean beard allows for better beard oil absorption because it isn’t clogged and covered in dirt and oil. Use a beard wash specifically made for facial hair.

Step #3: Apply Lukewarm Water to Your Face and Beard

Now, apply lukewarm water to your face and beard. This will help double the hydrating properties of the beard oil.

Step #4: Determine the Correct Amount of Beard Oil

Next, figure out how much beard oil you need. This is largely a trial and error process as different textures, thickness levels and lengths require different amounts. The thicker, coarser or longer your beard, the more oil you need.

Step #5: Shake it Out and Rub Your Palms Together

Next, shake some beard oil into your palm. Then, rub your palms together so each one is coated in a layer of beard oil.

Step #6: Comb the Beard Oil Through Your Facial Hair

Now, massage and comb the beard oil throughout your beard using your hands and fingers. Make sure some gets on your face as well.

Step #7: Apply Styling Products if Necessary

After you’re done applying your beard oil, you can add styling products if you’re into that kind of thing. This would be where you apply your beard balm.

Step #8: Repeat as Needed

Now, repeat this whole process as needed. We recommend every guy applies beard oil at least once a day. Guys with coarser hair or dry hair should go up to twice a day, as should guys that live in dry climates.

Applying beard oil properly each day can be the determining factor in whether or not you end up with the soft, healthy beard of your dreams.