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Trimming a Beard with Scissors vs. Clippers

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Trimming a Beard with Scissors vs. Clippers

Now that you’ve taken the time to grow out a beard, it’s time to build a kit of grooming tools and products that will help you maintain that luscious facial hair so that it always looks and feels its best. Any bearded man knows that his facial hair is only as good as the routine that he’s adopted.

When it comes to building that beard grooming kit, there are many decisions to be made. Which beard oil is going to be the most nourishing for that facial hair? Should you go with a comb or a brush? And, perhaps most importantly, should you trim that beard with clippers or scissors?

Scissors vs Clippers Debate

This is as old as the year in which clippers first hit the market, and particularly passionate bearded men have very strong opinions. The truth, of course, is that it’s completely up to you. However, each grooming tool has its own pros and cons, and, as you know, trimming your beard is such a crucial step of maintaining your look that you must make your decision wisely.

That’s why we’re here to help. We’re going to discuss each type of grooming tool while filling you in on its unique pros and cons. This way, when it’s time to trim that beard, you’ll be confident that you’re using the best tool for your specific facial hair’s needs.


Clippers are handheld, battery-operated devices that were originally created to shorten the time that it takes to do those trimming sessions. They have sharp bladed teeth that are controlled by a motor so that they move very quickly. This means that all that you have to do is run the clipper along the section that you wish to trim in order for the hair to be cut with incredible precision and closeness.

Today’s clipper market boasts a wide range of sizes and styles, and they’re extremely affordable. Many come with different attachments so that you can really customize your trimming session.


  • As we said, clippers work fast. If you’re in a hurry, they can be a great way to go.
  • Basically guaranteed an even trim as long as you apply a consistent amount of pressure against your facial hair.
  • Clippers are also more effective than scissors when it comes to creating a fade or an extremely cropped style.


  • Clippers can be a bit tricky if you’re not used to them.
  • If you accidentally move your hand suddenly, you can end up with a bald patch or an awkward shape.
  • Also, they require that you keep them charged in order for them to work.


Scissors are as old as time itself, aren’t they? Many professional barbers take pride in the fact that they can do intricate fades with a simple pair of scissors. Many bearded men continue to use scissors despite the fact that technology has advanced so far in recent years. That’s because scissors allow you to exercise maximum control. And, as long as you’re good with them, you can shape, trim and define your beard with incredible accuracy.


  • Scissors are far more reliable than clippers because they don’t require a motor, and you control the movement rather than being at the mercy of a vibrating blade.
  • A pair of scissors can last you your entire life, while clippers need to be replaced every now and then.
  • Scissors are also a little more foolproof than clippers. With clippers, one sudden hand gesture can totally destroy your beard.
  • You have to be really bad at trimming to mess things up.


  • Scissors, of course, take longer when it comes to trimming your beard than clippers. That’s because you’re doing everything manually.
  • Can be hard to create a fade with scissors.
  • Trying to crop that beard super short can leave you with some nasty cuts on your skin if you’re not using a guard.

Which one is better?

Typically, men with longer, fuller beards prefer scissors while men with shorter, more defined beards like to use clippers. However, the choice is really yours. Experiment with both grooming tools before settling on the one that’s right for you. And, remember that whether you’re using scissors or clippers, a big part of your tool’s effectiveness is the quality of the product.

Whether You Go with Scissors or Clippers is Your Call

Whichever you choose, remember that time and precision are key. And, don’t forget to follow up with some nourishing beard care products to maximize the look of your trim.