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Matte Hair Clay Tutorial

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Our Barbershop Matte Hair Clay is incredibly versatile and uses natural clays to fortify and nourish your hair. Check the tutorial below:


How To Apply Barbershop Matte Hair Clay

Step 1: For best results, apply the Matte Hair Clay when hair is still damp. If you’ve just stepped out of the shower, run a towel through it once or twice being careful not to absorb too much water.

Step 2: Using your fingers, scoop out a dime-sized chunk of Matte Hair Clay (a little goes a long way). For longer hair, of course, you will need to apply more.

Step 3: Run your other hand through your damp hair (the hand without Matte Hair Clay on it), or run it under the sink to get it damp. Then, rub your two palms together until the Matte Hair Clay is spread thinly across your hands. If you leave any chunks, they’re going to stick in your hair. For a lighter hold, dilute with extra water when spreading the clay in your palms.

Step 4: Run your hands through your hair, spreading the Matte Hair Clay evenly throughout and shaping your hair for the desired look. The more diluted the clay is in your hair when applying, the messier and more natural the hold will be. The thicker the clay is when applying, the stronger the hold will be. For a pompadour, apply light, first, for volume, then apply a hard layer on top to maintain hold and shape.

Step 5: Wash the excess Matte Hair Clay off your hands, towel 'em off, and hit the road.

For best results, apply daily and go a few days between shampooing and conditioning your hair. The natural minerals and vitamins in our Matte Hair Clay will keep your hair looking healthy between washes without stripping its natural oils. To wash out the Matte Hair Clay, just use your normal shampoo or conditioner in the shower, leaving it in for a few extra minutes while you scrub up (or scrub a friend if you prefer).

Barbershop Matte Hair Clay

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Our Barbershop Matte Hair Clay is not your average pomade. Like everything else we do, we chose not to copy what other people are doing and instead make something from scratch that we could stand behind.

First, it’s called hair clay for a reason -- it’s quite literally made with clay (along with beeswax, natural plant oils, and other natural ingredients). We use a mix of bentonite clay and kaolin clay, both known throughout the centuries for their positive effects on skin and hair. Unlike some pomades made with petroleum byproducts, our Matte Hair Clay protects and restores your hair with natural minerals and vitamins.

Second, while most hair products land somewhere on the spectrum between light hold and strong hold, our Matte Hair Clay can do both. Mix with water for a natural, messy look, or mix with water in your palm before applying to create an all-day hold. Whether you're looking to add texture to soft hair, tame curly hair, go for the messy look, or rock a badass slick-back, this is the product to get you there.

It wouldn’t say “The Bearded Bastard” on the tin if it wasn’t a product that we spent months mixing, testing, and perfecting by hand. It may be our first hair product, but we’ve added the same commitment to quality and originality you’ve come to expect from TBB.

Stay Bold. Stay Bastard. 

Comments on this post (8)

  • Aug 30, 2018

    Hi, I don’t shampoo daily so how can I remove the clay from my hair if I use it everyday? Is it easily washable with water?

    — Mustafa Zafar

  • May 24, 2018


    This is can definitely be used for your beard. If your beard is pretty difficult to tame and style, using our matte clay is a great option.

    Stay Bastard!

    — Casey

  • May 23, 2018

    I have tried at least 40 different hair clays, and Bearded Bastard/Newton and co is amongst the very best of all of them.
    It’s in my top 3, easily, and my absolute favorite oil based clay.
    I only need 1/2 the amount I need wirh other products…, so the 2iz tin doesn’t bug ne in the slightest. The stuff is nothing shy of incredible.
    Hold and texture like nobody’s business, and all 3 (yes 3) of the clays smell great.
    I can do a nice messy natural thing, or comb it into a more formal thing.
    Easy to restyle all day, and even the next day. This clay is one of two brands that completely floored me. The other is Apothecary 87. My two secret weapons!
    I use oil based clay 4 days of the week, and BB/Newton are always included in my rotation. Always.

    — EJ Wells

  • May 24, 2018

    Can this be used as a beard product?

    — john

  • Apr 19, 2017

    Here’s a tip you may want to share with your readers on how to easy it is to get the product off of your hands.

    Before you use the product, just use some hand/body lotion on your hands – rub it in – it gets into all the pores which prevent the clay from doing same. You can then use the clay however you want, and when it comes time to wash it off, most of it, if not all, will come off your hands with some hot water. I use Johnson’s baby lotion/cream as it is hypoallergenic and cleans off well.

    Another tip, if you have acne issues, when using the baby lotion/cream, put some on your forehead/face. After you apply the product to your head, you can easily wash off any clay that landed on your forehead and sides as you applied it.

    Hands and face free of the product greatly reduce acne, clammy or sweaty hands, and clay fingerprints on devices.

    — Mobthrob

  • Oct 20, 2016

    Hey Michael!

    You can definitely apply to dry hair, but you’ll need to use a little water to work it into a paste in your palms. Our clay is much more concentrated than most pomades on the market.

    Check out The Pomp’s review. He applied it to dry hair with great results!


    — Ted @ TBB

  • Oct 06, 2016

    Hi Anu,

    Our supplier sources palm oil comes from a variety of countries (mostly Malaysia and Indonesia), but is certified organic and RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil). Thanks for checking!

    — Ted @ TBB

  • Oct 06, 2016

    How strong is the scent and does the scent fade quickly?

    — michael brooke

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