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A Note On Our Ingredients

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A Note On Our Ingredients

We take pride in our commitment to transparency, and in our mission to track down the finest natural ingredients for our products whenever possible. Part of that effort means keeping you up-to-date when there's a change in the status of one of our ingredients.

In the ramp up for the busy fall and winter beard season, we recently did a total audit of all of our ingredients and suppliers. As a small business with a complex supply chain, we depend on reliable vendors to be able to pass on the best possible product to you.

Out of the nearly one hundred natural ingredients that go into our grooming products, we uncovered three ingredients that were possibly not as "natural" as we thought. If a supplier can't provide the proper paperwork verifying that an ingredient is natural, we don't give them the benefit of the doubt.

Obviously this is disappointing for us, but we're more concerned with making sure we keep you updated on what goes in our products. Until we're able to totally replace the questionable ingredients, we'll note them with an asterisk (*) and signify that they may contain a mix of natural and artificial ingredients.

Once we find new all-natural sources that we're happy with, we'll remove the asterisks so you know these products are 100% natural. In the meantime, check the list of affected products below and stay posted for updates in the Journal.

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