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Can Temperature Changes Affect Your Beard?

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Can Temperature Changes Affect Your Beard?

With the fall season approaching, it’s time to talk about how your beard is affected by weather conditions. You may be surprised to know that temperature and humidity changes can impact the look and feel of your facial hair quite a bit.
For those wanting to keep their beard in great shape all year round, this guide is for you. We’re gonna explain how temperature affects your beard before helping you figure out how to keep it soft, healthy and tidy, regardless of how hot or cold it is outside on any given day.

Extreme Heat

Summer means that most of us will be spending lots of days outdoors enjoying barbecues, hiking adventures and sunny beaches. Even though the hot sun might feel great against our skin, it’s not necessarily going to make your beard very happy.
Extreme heat can cause your beard to become dry and brittle if it’s not properly moisturized. That’s because heat robs hair and skin of moisture, leaving it more prone to damage. Additionally, if you plan on getting plenty of sun during this time of year, keep in mind that sun exposure can cause the hair on your face and head to become lighter in color.

Extreme Cold

While intense heat isn’t great for your beard, extreme cold is just as potentially damaging. If the temperature is low enough, your skin and hair follicles will close up in order to prevent the body from absorbing more cold air than it can handle. This can cause your hair growth to slow down. It can also leave your beard looking a bit dull and lackluster as cold temperatures decrease the flow of blood in that area.

High Humidity

While humidity and temperature are technically two different things, the amount of moisture in the air can have such a profound effect on your beard that it’s worth covering. When it’s very humid outside, you’ll likely notice that your beard looks a bit different. High humidity basically bloats the cuticles of the hair, causing those strands to look fuller and, more often than not, frizzy. This can cause facial hair to become tangled and untidy.

No Humidity

No humidity is just as bad for your beard because a lack of moisture in the air can leave your facial hair dehydrated. Our hair needs plenty of moisture in order to look and feel its best, and without enough hydration, your beard will become much more prone to damage, split ends and unsightly dryness.

How to Make Your Beard More Weather-Resistant

Now that you know what affects your beard, here’s what you can do:

Tip #1: Hydration is Key

One of the most important things to do, regardless of the temperature outside, is to moisturize your beard daily. A beard oil made with plant-based nutrients will keep your facial hair nice and hydrated so that no matter what’s going on outside, that hair will be as healthy as can be.

Tip #2: Trim as Needed

Another way to keep your beard as weather-resistant as possible is to trim it regularly. As facial hair continues to grow, the ends start to split due to inevitable damage. So, trimming your beard regularly will keep those ends healthy enough to avoid the damage caused by extreme temperatures.

Regardless of the Temps, Keep Your Beard Looking Good

While temperature does affect your beard, you can still take certain measures in order to prevent heat or cold from doing serious damage. By moisturizing your facial hair daily and trimming when necessary, you’ll be able to keep that beard looking and feeling great throughout the four seasons. That way, you can spend as much time outdoors as you’d like without worrying about the effect that the temperature is having on your facial hair.

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  • Jul 10, 2023

    What do I do if my beard keeps getting dry during the day. I use my beard oil and my beard balm but my beard still finds a way to be dry.

    — Gerardo

  • Jul 10, 2023

    Thank you for this information. It was helpful to me


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