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Gifts for Bearded Dads

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Gifts for Bearded Dads

This Father's Day, a lot of women are searching all over the internet for the perfect gift for the dads in their life. As we know, men can be very difficult to shop for, as a lot of us have very specialized interests and hobbies that require very specific products. But, if the dad in your life has a beard, this makes choosing the perfect gift a piece of cake. And, at The Bearded Bastard, we’ve got a wide variety of gift ideas that will take any dad's beard to the next level while showing him that you truly care.

Look over this gift guide in order to properly determine which product will best suit his facial hair, daily routine, and vibe that he’s going for. As you’ll see, we offer a lot of products, so make your decision wisely.

Give the Gift of a Happy and Healthy Beard

One thing that we know for certain is that the majority of our customers take a lot of pride in their beards. We know that because they go through enormous effort to ensure that their facial hair is neat, tidy, well-groomed, healthy, and perfectly styled. Therefore, chances are that the dad in your life takes his beard care routine seriously and devotes a lot of time and money to maintain it on a regular basis.

This is why a beard-related gift is ideal for this Father's Day. If he prioritizes his beard like most of our customers, he’s really going to appreciate having a new addition to his daily routine. And, all of the products below are great ways to enhance a man’s beard care ritual. Besides that, many men consider their beard routine a form of self-care, and that’s a gift that’s priceless.

At The Bearded Bastard, we take our selection of products seriously. Everything we make is formulated with top-of-the-line ingredients to ensure that our products have a high-end feel, only with an affordable price tag. 

Gift #1: Beard Comb or Brush

If their beard has some considerable length, a high-quality brush or comb is an excellent choice. Having a brush or comb made with high-end materials that are specially created for facial hair is something that he will deeply appreciate. At the Bearded Bastard, we have a great selection of combs and brushes that suit a wide range of facial hair types and lengths. You know his beard, so take it into consideration when picking out the perfect grooming tool.

Gift #2: Beard Wash

Every bearded man knows that having a clean beard is essential. Not only will a dirty beard smell awful, but it will interfere with the texture and appearance of the facial hair. Many men use standard soaps and shampoos to maintain the cleanliness of their beard, but we offer a selection of special washes formulated just for the facial hair. Made with luxurious plant-based ingredients, they come in a variety of scents and will leave that facial hair feeling soft and healthy after each use.

Gift #3: Beard Oil

Beard oil is one of the best gifts you can buy a bearded man because any man who takes care of his facial hair knows that this is one of the most important products when it comes to maintaining overall facial hair health. Beard oil doesn’t just moisturize each strand, but it also supplies the beard with much-needed nutrients that come from a host of plant-based ingredients. We offer a wide array of quality beard oils that contain natural formulas and intoxicating fragrances derived from botanicals and herbs. These beard oils feel great and improve the overall look of the facial hair.

Gift #4: Beard Balm

Beard balms are also very popular as they supply even more moisture while helping the beard maintain a neat and tidy style. We offer many different beard oil formulations, each one containing an exciting variety of plant-based oils and butters as well as essential oils that help them smell absolutely delicious. If his beard has been looking a bit unruly as of late, a beard balm from the Bearded Bastard is a great choice.

Gift #5: Grooming Kit

Of course, no one said you had to pick only one type of beard care product as a gift for the dad in your life. We offer a wide array of grooming kits that can allow him to enjoy multiple products at once. These grooming kits make excellent gifts because they open up a world of beard care that your guy may have been missing out on. Check out our selection of grooming kits in order to find the one that best suits his unique beard-related needs.

Gift #6: Gift Card

Sometimes, the best choice is a gift card. If he is extremely particular about his beard, or he is finicky when it comes to fragrances, let him be in control of his beard care experience by giving him the gift of being able to choose for himself from our full catalog of exciting, exceptionally formulated products. He’ll still appreciate the thought tremendously, but he’ll love being able to decide for himself what he needs to take his beard care routine to the next level. And, you’ll enjoy the gift of seeing him smile while his beard improves more and more.

The Bearded Bastard Has Your Gift-Related Needs Covered

With a wide and diverse selection of quality beard care products, there’s plenty to get for the dads in your life. And, whichever product from our catalog you choose, your bearded guy will be over the moon since everything we produce is capable of improving his facial hair tremendously. A gift from The Bearded Bastard is the perfect way to show the bearded men in your life that you truly care.

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