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HoHoHo! Beard Oil Is Back!

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HoHoHo! Beard Oil Is Back!

The holiday season is finally here and you Bastard’s know what that means… HoHoHo! Beard Oil is back! Every year we bring back your go-to seasonal scent to get you burly men into the holiday spirit.

Our HoHoHo! Beard Oil is one of our classic beard oil recipes. This means that the blend of oils used in creating it are going to moisturize your hair and skin without leaving you with a greasy feeling. They also help to leave your beard feeling softer and more manageable with each and every use. So not only will you smell like the hottest Santa Claus on the block with our HoHoHo! Beard oil, but your beard will feel nourished and look fresh.

What says holiday spirit more than the smell of a freshly chopped Douglas Fir, spiced mulled wine hot off the stove, and notes of cinnamon in the air? Nothing! That’s why you need to treat yourself to a bottle of HoHoHo! in order to truly get yourself ready for the holiday season. A Bastard family favorite, HoHoHo! Beard Oil is only going to be here through the end of year. So make sure you stock up before it’s too late!

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  • Jul 10, 2023

    Please consider re-introducing the HoHoHo! beard balm, and please consider doing a mustache wax in the same scent. Every time I give out the HoHoHo! beard oil as a gift, it’s a real winner. Thanks for listening!

    — Fernando S Martinez

  • Jul 10, 2023

    When can I order HO,HO,HO

    — corey

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