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How To Get A Softer Beard

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How To Get A Softer Beard

If there’s one thing that every guy wants, it’s a touchable soft beard that’s so healthy that it maintains a naturally glossy appearance.  Although, as many guys know, that’s easier said than done.  For one thing, everyone has their own beard hair type, with some guys having coarser facial hair than others.  The coarser your facial hair, the harder it is to achieve a soft feel.  Another problem is that a lot of factors can damage the beard hairs, causing them to become rigid and wiry rather than soft and smooth.  

But the good news is that The Bearded Bastard has created a line of products that are more than capable of giving you the softness that you dream of with quality, natural ingredients known for moisturizing and smoothing individual strands.

Improving Your Beard’s Softness

We’ll be giving you some tips relating to how to improve the softness level of your beard.  Follow them carefully and thoroughly and you’ll be well on your way to watching your facial hair transform over time.

Tip #1: Use More Beard Oil

If there’s one thing that we always tell our customers, it’s that beard oil is essential.  Beard oil is naturally rich in plant-based oils that are loaded with nutrients.  They don’t just moisturize your beard superficially, but they nourish it with what it needs to be healthy.  Using a beard oil daily can dramatically soften your beard.  If you find that your one daily application isn’t enough, consider doubling up, especially when the weather is particularly dry.

Tip #2: Add Some Beard Balm

A lot of guys find that beard oil isn’t enough, so they include beard balm in their daily routines as well.  Like beard oil, beard balm contains plant-based oils as well as plant butters that improve the condition of your beard.  

Tip #3: Trim it Regularly

Believe it or not, staying on top of your trimming sessions can help a lot with the feel of your beard.  Once the beard hairs have aged, they can start to break, which can make your beard feel coarse and wiry.  Trimming your beard regularly keeps those ends nice and healthy, which can benefit the overall feel of your facial hair.

Tip #4: Avoid Harsh External Factors

Certain external factors can dry out your beard, leaving it feeling anything but soft.  These factors include extremely hot water, high winds, high humidity and very dry air.  Protect your beard from these factors as much as you can.

Tip #5: Wash It Regularly

Try to properly wash your beard at least a couple of times each week.  Beard hair that’s dirty will feel heavy and rough as opposed to soft and smooth.  Use a dedicated beard wash for the best results.

A Softer Beard = A Happier Bearded Man

If you’re dealing with a problem relating to the texture and feel of your beard, use the tips above.  These tips will help you develop a softer-feeling beard at last.  By applying these tips to your daily beard care routine, you’ll find that your beard’s overall condition will improve tremendously.

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