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Beard Shedding - Yes, It's a Thing!

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Beard Shedding - Yes, It's a Thing!

Have you been feeling like your beard has been shedding lately?  While it’s normal for strands to come out here and there, your beard should never start shedding to the point that it becomes concerning.  While beard shedding can cause you to panic, it’s actually more common than you think.  There are several reasons why this may occur, and, fortunately, just as many solutions.

Reasons It Happens

In fact, shedding is, to an extent, natural.  As each hair strand ages, it eventually falls out so that a new, healthier one can take its place.  We lose several strands of facial hair each day, and it’s completely normal.  Men with coarse or curly hair will lose more strands per day than men with finer, thinner hair.

However, what’s not normal is hair that’s shedding to the point that it’s very noticeable.  If you feel like each day, you’re pulling many hairs out of your beard, it’s time to look into the reasons why this may be happening.  This way, you can do what you have to in order to remedy the situation. 

To see if your beard shedding is normal, simply run your fingers through your beard.  If your fingers are covered in a bunch of hairs, it’s time to do some investigating.

Poor Health

Poor health is a common culprit behind excessive beard shedding.  If your body is lacking what it needs to be healthy, your beard is going to suffer.  We all know that things like stress, poor diet and smoking can cause hair to fall out on our head, and that’s equally true when it comes to the hair that’s on your face. 


Many men think that they need to brush or comb their beard many times each day in order to keep it smooth and free of annoying tangles.  While it’s true that brushing and combing are essential parts of maintaining a healthy and good-looking beard, you can overdo it.  Brushing or combing more than a couple of times each day can tug on the hairs to the point that they break away from the roots, leading to shedding.

Lack of Moisture

If you’re not giving your beard hydration in the form of nourishing products, you’re going to experience shedding.  Hair that’s dry simply can’t survive, and so it will fall out.  And, our facial hair needs a whole lot of moisture to stay healthy.  In fact, it needs more moisture than the hair that’s on our head.

What to Do About a Shedding Beard

Now that you know what causes it, here’s what you can attempt to do about it.

Boost Your Diet and Water Intake

The first thing that you should do, not just for your beard but for your overall heath, is try to eat a nutritious, balanced diet and drink plenty of water.  These simple changes will provide real results in terms of the amount of beard hair that you lose each day.  Plus, these factors will boost the health of your beard overall.

Use a High-Quality Beard Oil

As we said, your beard requires lots of moisture.  The best way to give it that boost in hydration is by incorporating a nourishing beard oil into your daily routine.  The right beard oil will give each strand moisture deep beneath the cuticle so that it’s as healthy as can be.

Only Brush or Comb Your Beard as Needed

Like we stated earlier, brushing or combing too frequently will lead to hair falling out.  So, try only brushing or combing your beard when it’s necessary.  We know it can be a hard habit to break, especially if you loathe knots and tangles in your facial hair.  But it will be worth it.

Fix Your Beard Shedding Issue

A shedding beard can throw you into a state of panic, but before you completely freak out, recognize that there is probably a very easy solution to the underlying cause.  Use this guide to zero in on the culprit behind your hair loss and take the necessary actions to improve the health of your beard.

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