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How to Apply Beard Balm

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How to Apply Beard Balm

Beard balm is quickly becoming a staple of every man’s collection of beard care products, with most guys relying on it daily to control frizz, smooth those ends and keep things nice and moisturized. Yet, a surprising number of bearded guys aren’t quite sure how and when to apply it. The key to getting the most out of beard balm is applying it properly, so it’s very important that a man knows how to fit it into their daily routine.

Step 1: Step into a Warm Shower, if You Can

We know that a lot of guys have to rush through their morning routine in order to get to work on time. But, if you can, try to step into a warm shower before doing your beard care routine. This will open up the pores and follicles so that those products can really be maximized. Even five minutes is plenty of time.

Step 2: Use a Beard Wash

We can’t overstate the importance of applying your beard care products to a clean beard and clean skin. Beards that have not been properly cleansed will have dirt and oil that interferes with the absorption of the products. So, use a cleanser that was specially formulated for beards.

Step 3: Apply Beard Oil

Beard oil is absolutely essential if you want a soft and healthy beard. Beard hair is naturally prone to dryness, which can lead to frizz, damage and untidiness. So, before you put on your beard balm, apply a nice amount of beard oil to that facial hair.

Step 4: Figure Out How Much Beard Balm You Need

Now, it’s time to determine the right amount of beard balm for your particular facial hair. How much product you require has to do with the thickness, length and texture of your beard. The longer, thicker or coarser your facial hair, the more beard balm you’ll need. You may need to experiment a bit before figuring out the perfect amount.

Step 5: Dip Your Fingertips into the Jar and Rub Your Hands Together

Use your fingertips to scoop the right amount of beard balm out of the container. Then, rub your palms together for a couple of seconds to make sure that the balm is evenly distributed between both hands.

Step 6: Comb and Massage the Beard Balm Through Your Facial Hair

Using your fingers, vigorously massage and comb the beard balm throughout your beard. Make sure it’s evenly applied.

Step 7: Repeat This Process Once Each Day

Beard balm is something that you’ll want to apply each day, so make this process part of your daily routine.

Overall, beard balm can enhance your beard in a number of ways. However, it’s important that you know exactly how to reply it if you want to ensure the best possible results.

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