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The Last Beard Oil Travel Kit You'll Ever Need

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The Last Beard Oil Travel Kit You'll Ever Need

Grab the Beard Oil Travel Kit Today!

Whether you’re flying every other week for work or you like to enjoy a nice vacation once each year, traveling is an unavoidable part of life. We all know that traveling can be a bit rough from time to time, but, thanks to The Bearded Bastard, your beard doesn’t have to suffer in the process. We’ve created the ultimate Beard Oil Travel Kit so that your beloved facial hair can look and feel its very best even when you’re far, far away from home.

The Importance of Having a Travel-Friendly Beard Oil Kit

We all know that traveling can be quite pleasurable, and it can also be a hassle. It’s not easy to travel with big bottles of grooming products, so many of us leave them behind. The problem is that when you’re away from home, you don’t want your beard to suffer. Whether you’re traveling for work or for pleasure, you never know who you’ll run into, and you want to make sure that you make the best impression possible at all times.

Having a travel-friendly beard oil kit makes it easy to maintain your facial hair each day while you’re away. These products come in TSA-friendly sizes so that you won’t have to argue with security as they uncover your beard care products.

The Beard Oil Travel Kit is your way to ensure that each day, your beard is perfectly hydrated so that it can look and feel positively luxurious. Our beard oils are renowned for their moisturizing properties that come from all-natural ingredients. This kit consists of five of our best-selling beard oils that each come in a travel-friendly size.

This kit comes in a durable and secure tin that’s inspired by WWII-era standard issue United States tins. In fact, long after you run out of beard oil, you’ll still be able to use this tin for various purposes for years to come.

Besides being travel-friendly, this kit is a great way to sample our fabulous products in order to choose the one that best suits your needs. The formulas are all the same, but the fragrances are different.

Each fragrance is intoxicating in its own way, and you may find that you like having multiple scents to choose from at any given time. Opium Den is an exceptional fragrance for evening hours because of its mysterious, exotic aroma. Barbershop, meanwhile, is a fresh and clean fragrance that’s great for everyday wear.

How to Use

Our Beard Oil Travel Kit is compact enough to fit into practically any type of luggage. When you’re ready to hydrate your beard, simply shake the bottle upside-down over one palm so that a few drops land in your hand. Then, rub your hands together and gently but thoroughly work the oil through your facial hair. Then, comb and style as needed.

Grab This Kit Today!

Truly essential for any bearded man who travels, it’s the only way to ensure that your beard is as healthy as can be even after those long flights and multiple cocktails. Whether you’re going on a road trip with your buddies or visiting a work convention, make sure that this Beard Oil Travel Kit accompanies you so that your beard-related needs are covered.

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