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How to Get Better Beard Definition

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How to Get Better Beard Definition

When you’re young, it’s easy to grow and maintain a dreamy beard that’s perfectly defined, lusciously full and gorgeously colored. But, as we age, like most things, our beards begin to decline gradually.

There are many reasons for this, but primarily, it has to do with our hormones. Our hormones dictate everything from the color of our beards to the rate of growth. And, as you know, hair growth slows down little by little once we reach a certain age.

Men who desire a clearly defined and healthy-looking beard can take certain measures in order to ensure that their facial hair continues to look great as the years go on. After all, beard definition is a sign of youth.

How to Improve Beard Definition as You Age

Luckily for you, we’ve made a simple guide to ensuring that your beard looks nice and defined at any age.

Use Products that Boost Texture and Thickness

Part of maintaining a good definition is making sure that your beard looks nice and thick, and that it has plenty of texture to create contrast between your skin and your facial hair. As we get older, our hair becomes thinner, primarily due to drops in certain hormones that occur gradually. Luckily, there are products out there that can give the illusion of thickness and texture. Beard oils and Beard balms, primarily, are great for thickening up those strands using plant-based ingredients that plump individual hairs. They also texturize the beard and allow you to style your facial hair with incredible ease.

Brush and Comb Your Beard for Cleaner Lines

Brushing and combing your beard is essential if you want to maintain a good-looking definition at any age. You can use your comb or brush to manipulate the direction in which the hairs are growing, which can result in cleaner lines overall.

Additionally, your comb or brush can be used to move hair over patchier spots that become more and more common as we get older.

Stay on Top of Trims and Shaping Sessions

Trimming and shaping are more crucial than ever as we get older. This is because as we age, our facial hair begins to thin out and become patchier. This means that that definition starts to disappear. Shaping our beards regularly helps maintain clean lines that can distract from this thinning, uneven appearance. And, trimming is of equal importance as the older we get, the more unkempt our beards can become. Trimming keeps things neat and tidy, which is very important if you want a clean, defined look.

Consider Using Coloring Products if Need Be

Another thing that happens with age, as we all know, is the development of grays. At first, we may find that just certain portions of our beards have flecks of gray in them. But, eventually, the entire beard will become silver in appearance. During the stage in which our beard has both gray hairs and hairs that are our natural color, definition can start to disappear because of the way in which gray blends in with the skin more. This means that men who are going gray should consider using coloring products.

Coloring products will aid in the maintenance of definition by ensuring that your facial hair is all one color, which will create a more defined look. You can use coloring products at home or go to a salon or barber and have it done professionally.

Maintain Good Health

We can’t state enough the importance of maintaining good health internally in order to have a healthy, well-defined beard. Poor diet, stress, and a lack of exercise can all cause our hair follicles to under-perform, and this will eventually lead to a lack of definition. Our hair follicles need nutrients in order to work properly, and stress and a lack of exercise can deplete the hormones that are responsible for maintaining consistent growth.

Don't Lose Definition Quite Yet

It’s clear that men can continue maintaining good beard definition as they get older in order to keep that youthful, healthy look. If you’re getting older and you’re struggling to keep that beard looking defined, the guide above is for you.

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