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How To Pull Off the “Jolly Ol’ Saint Nick” Bearded Look

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How To Pull Off the “Jolly Ol’ Saint Nick” Bearded Look

We’ve reached that wonderful time of year when many children have visions of Santa floating around in their minds, dispersing gifts with the help of his trusty reindeer.  But, who said that Christmas is just for kids? Many men find that as they get older, they can make the most of that gray or white facial hair by embracing the “Jolly Ol’ Saint Nick” look and getting into the holiday spirit on a whole new level.

But, pulling off this look is easier said than done.  The good news, however, is that there are some pretty simple tips that can help you along your journey to a complete Santa-inspired beard transformation.

Why This Look Never Goes Out of Style for Older Men

It seems that no matter how many trends come and go, there’s one look that seems to be flattering on most older men who have developed gray or white beards, and that’s the Santa look.  While this beard style instantly evokes images of Christmas trees and reindeer, it’s a look that can be rocked year-round, and can give a softer appearance, while covering up wrinkles and other signs of aging.

Tips for Pulling Off That Look in Spectacular Fashion

Now, let’s talk about methods that can give you the Santa look that everyone knows and loves.

Tip #1: Let it Grow, Let it Grow, Let it Grow

This is a no-brainer, but then again, not all men have the patience that is needed to grow this type of beard to its proper length.  As we age, our testosterone levels get lower, which can make the process of growing out a beard even longer than it would be for a man of 20 years of age.  

However, if you’re willing to deal with that awkward stage that happens midway during the growing process, your efforts will be rewarded with a luscious, burly beard that’s highly reminiscent of the one that we associate with Santa Claus.  So, don’t be discouraged if it takes several months to achieve the length that you’re looking for. Start growing early if you want to rock this look in time for the holidays.

Tip #2: Trim Those Ends

Split ends are the enemy of long beards, and they’re unavoidable, to an extent.  As hair strands grow longer and longer, they become more prone to damage due to the fact that they’ve been exposed to many different harsh factors.  However, that doesn’t mean that you’re stuck with them as your beard continues to grow. Once every couple of months, trim just the ends of your beard to keep them looking fresh and healthy. Be careful not to trim too short or you will end up in beard-growing limbo.

Tip #3: Shaping is Key

One thing about Santa’s beard is that while it’s wild in length, it’s often relatively neat and tidy in terms of its shape, usually rounded with soft, even edges.  Therefore, once your beard has reached its desired length, use your preferred grooming tool to shape it evenly and neatly. If you don’t trust your own abilities to create a symmetrical, neat shape, go to a barber and have it done professionally.

Tip #4: Moisture is Essential

One thing that all beards need in order to look and feel their very best is moisture.  Our beards are naturally prone to dryness, and dryness can lead to damage, frizz, and dullness, especially in cold weather seasons. This is why every man needs to have a solid moisturizing routine for their beard that is practiced every day. The best product that you can use to supply your beard with moisture is one of the beard oils from TBB. All of our beard oils contain natural, plant-based ingredients that supply lots of moisturizing goodness deep into each strand.

Ho, Ho, Ho! beard oil is particularly appropriate for a holiday beard, providing the perfect accompanying scent and attitude for your festive facial hair. 

Tip #5: Beard Balm Can Do Wonders for Taming Those Unruly Hairs

Another grooming product that you’ll benefit from as a guy with a long beard is a beard balm. This product is waxy in consistency, and it helps tame frizz while styling the overall look and providing lots of much-needed moisture.  At TBB, we’ve got a line of naturally formulated beard balms that use plant-derived oils and butters to keep each strand smooth, soft and tame.

Ho, Ho, Ho! Beard Balm

Tip #6: Combing Keeps the Knots Away

Long beards are prone to tangles, and tangles can turn into large knots that become unsightly. That’s why you need to comb your beard daily to keep it untangled. We’ve got the perfect selection of combs for your needs.

Tip #7: Brushing Can Add Much-Needed Volume

Brushing isn’t just for undoing those knots.  The act of brushing naturally increases volume, which is key to that iconic Santa look.  We recommend our Beard Brush for the best results.

Tip #8: Keep it Clean

Don’t forget that beards need to be cleaned, just like the rest of your body.  A dirty beard will become greasy and have an unpleasant odor. Choose one of our Beard Washes for a clean beard that’s soft, hydrated and healthy.

Tip #9: Your Diet Can Make a Difference

Believe it or not, your eating habits can impact the health and appearance of your beard.  Nutritional deficiencies and low testosterone can both slow down beard growth and decrease the thickness of those hairs. Eat a balanced diet and avoid excess sugar and caffeine.

Tip #10: A Smile Ties the Look Together

Lastly, there’s one thing that ties together your Santa look perfectly, and it’s a great, big smile.  After all, a smile puts the “jolly” in “Jolly Ol’ Saint Nick.” So, as you rock your luscious, fluffy white or gray beard, don’t forget that your facial expression is what sells the look.

True Kris Kringle Bearded Inspiration

If you want to embrace your inner Santa this holiday season, it all comes down to rocking that iconic beard. And, to do so properly, you’ve got to make sure that you’re following good grooming habits on a regular basis. Use these tips above to master the Saint Nick look before Christmas arrives!

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