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Inked Up in a New Way: The Balm - Tattoo Balm

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Inked Up in a New Way: The Balm - Tattoo Balm

If you’ve been using our beard care products for a while, you know that our all-natural, plant-based formulas are more than capable of transforming your beard, turning limp, dry, damaged and unkempt strands into a healthy, styled, thick and luscious beard of glory.  To say that we take our formulas seriously would be an understatement, as we go to enormous lengths to secure the most high-quality plant ingredients possible, in order to give your beard the nourishment that it deserves.

The Balm – Tattoo Balm is a brand-new product that does for your ink what our beard products do for your facial hair. Daily application will deeply nourish the skin while helping your tattoo pop with vibrancy, contrast and natural shine.  

Tattoo Balm

So, What’s Our Secret?  

Well, this special tattoo balm is loaded with plant-based ingredients that are known to provide the skin with loads of nutrients while adding moisture and hydration deep beneath the surface.  The result is healthier-skin that, in turn, supports a better and healthier-looking tattoo. We use specially sourced plant oils that moisturize dry skin, allowing your tattoo to look clean and fresh rather than ashy and dry.  The carefully formulated consistency of this balm ensures that your tattoo will be coated in a healthy yet natural-looking sheen that makes that ink stand out like never before.

How to Use it

Using our The Balm - Tattoo Balm couldn’t be any easier.  

First, we recommend cleaning the skin using a soap or other type of cleansing product. This will remove layers of dirt and grease that can interfere with the absorption of the product.  Exfoliation is an optional additional step that can remove dead skin cells that give skin an ashy appearance.

Now, you can apply the balm.  

Scoop out a small amount with your fingertips, selecting the amount based on the size of your ink. Next, simply massage the balm into the tattoo in small, circular motions. Do this until the product is absorbed by the skin. Voila!

Grab The Balm - Tattoo Balm Today!

It’s an awesome, high-quality, plant-based balm specifically formulated for helping your tattoo look and feel its very best.  It hydrates, nourishes and moisturizes the skin deep beneath the surface to condition not just your tattoo but the skin cells that support it.  If you’re ready to make your ink look more vibrant and healthier than ever before, this is the product that you need.

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