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“Masking” Your Beard This Halloween

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“Masking” Your Beard This Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner, and a lot of bearded guys are planning to rock masks while they celebrate this spooky holiday. If you’re going to be donning a mask throughout Halloween, it’s important to know what to do about your beard. For one thing, a beard can definitely get in the way of your mask looking natural, so the proper facial hair prep work is a must. Additionally, your beard may actually suffer a bit from wearing a mask all day if you don’t take extra care of it.

That’s why we’ve made this guide.

Tips for Maintaining Your Beard While You Wear a Mask

With Halloween being so close, we figured we’d help you by sharing some tips for wearing a mask as a bearded man.

Tip #1: Use a Beard Balm to Smooth Those Hairs Down

First things first: depending on the length and thickness of your beard, you may have to prep your beard so that it doesn’t show through your mask or throw off its ability to fit snugly against your face. Luckily, there’s beard balm. Besides moisturizing your beard, this product can style it, meaning that you can use it to smooth down that facial hair so that it doesn’t push up against the mask. Apply beard balm liberally prior to applying your mask, using your hands to push the hair down as much as possible. If your beard is particularly long, consider putting it into a ponytail so that it doesn’t poke through.

Tip #2: Comb Your Beard Before Applying the Mask to Avoid Tangles

Depending on the material from which your mask is made, there’s a chance that it can get tangled up with your beard when you’re ready to take it off. To avoid this, we suggest combing your beard thoroughly before applying your mask. This way, when you take the mask off later on in the evening, it won’t tug on your sensitive facial hair.

Tip #3: Once You’re Done, Fluff Your Beard with a Brush

When you’re ready to take your mask off, your beard is going to look pretty deflated and sad. That’s because your mask has been pushing against it for so long that the hair is temporarily flattened. Luckily, there’s an easy solution. Take your beard brush and fluff up the hairs. In other words, comb your beard outward so that the natural growth direction looks normal once again. You may even want to use your fingers to shake the hair up at the roots, as this will add volume and texture.

Tip #4: Apply Beard Oil Liberally to Compensate for Any Dryness

Some masks are made with higher-quality materials than others. Cheaper materials may temporarily dry out your skin and your facial hair because they naturally absorb moisture. If you wear them long enough, your beard can feel pretty dry by the end of the day. This is why you want to make sure to apply your beard oil very liberally once you’ve taken your mask off. This will compensate for any moisture that has been lost.
Now, if your mask has left behind some kind of residue due to the material from which it was made, you’ll want to wash your beard thoroughly first, then apply your beard oil.

If You Wanna Wear a Mask this Halloween…

Don’t let your beard get in the way or suffer because of it. It’s actually very easy to take good care of your beard so that it doesn’t interfere with your ability to rock a mask, and so that it doesn’t get damaged as a result. Use this guide once you’re ready to put that mask on.

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