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Thanksgiving Beards: What Are Bearded Men Most Thankful For?

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Thanksgiving Beards: What Are Bearded Men Most Thankful For?

Thanksgiving is weeks away, and ever since the holiday first began, we’ve considered this holiday the time to sit back and reflect on all of the things for which we are thankful. Of course, many of us tend to focus on what we don’t have rather than what we do have, which is why Thanksgiving is such a great opportunity to put things into perspective.
If there’s one thing that our customers will likely be thankful for this Thanksgiving, it’s the fact that they’ve managed to grow an exceptional beard. In fact, there are lots of reasons why we should derive gratitude from our facial hair. Allow us to elaborate.

Good Health

In order for us to be able to grow and maintain an attractive beard, we need to be in good overall health. Our hair follicles require nutrients in order to function properly and allow our beards to grow and grow. Additionally, we need to keep stress relatively low and stay properly hydrated, or else our beard health will suffer. Therefore, your beard is a sign that your health is in pretty good shape, after all. And, it’s hard not to be thankful for that.

Chance to Engage in a Daily Self-Care Ritual

Having a beard gives us the gift of self-care. It allows us to engage in a calming, self-serving ritual that helps us shut out the demands of the outside world so that we can truly take care of ourselves. Many men find that the ritualistic nature of their daily beard care routine is their favorite part about having a beard in the first place.

Proper Testosterone Levels

Having a beard requires healthy testosterone levels. Testosterone must be converted into DHT in order to allow facial hair to grow. So, we should all be thankful that we have good testosterone levels this season, as not all men are so lucky.

Having the Patience to Grow Out a Beard

Growing a beard takes time and effort, and many men lack the patience to see it through. However, when those of us who do have patience see the final result, we can’t help but be thankful for the fact that we were committed enough to go through those awkward stages in order to reap the reward of a beautiful, healthy beard.

Something That Makes Us Stand Out

Having an attractive, well-styled beard is something that makes us stand out among the crowd. So, this allows us to feel grateful for the fact that we have something that makes us unique.

The Compliments That We Receive

If you’ve put time and effort into growing and maintaining a very attractive beard, it’s likely that you receive compliments on your facial hair on a fairly regular basis. Let’s take a moment to reflect on how thankful we are that our efforts have been acknowledged by our loved ones as well as strangers who appreciate some healthy-looking facial hair.

A Masculine Appearance

Many men struggle with their sense of masculinity, feeling insecure when they don’t perceive themselves as “manly” enough to fit in with societal standards. Those of us who have healthy beards look very masculine, and for this, we should be thankful.

Quality Products from The Bearded Bastard

Lastly, a lot of our customers are very thankful for the products that we offer in order to help them maintain healthy, luscious beards. Our products are carefully formulated with natural ingredients that improve overall facial hair health. Because so many products on the market contain harsh, synthetic ingredients, our customers value the fact that we put so much effort into creating formulas that truly benefit the follicles, skin, and strands. And, of course, we are just as grateful for you, our customers.

The Bearded Bastard Wishes You a Very Happy Thanksgiving Holiday!

This November, in the spirit of the holiday, take some time to think about what your beard represents, and why you should be grateful for that luxurious facial hair. 

Whether you are having a traditional family Thanksgiving or a casual Friendsgiving, have a fun and Bastardly time!

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