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What Should a Bearded Man Use: Balms, Waxes or Butter?

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What Should a Bearded Man Use: Balms, Waxes or Butter?

If you’ve just started rocking a beard for the first time and want to adopt the perfect daily beard care routine, you have a whole lot of options. For one thing, there are lots of companies out there these days that create beard care products, and it’s important to find the company that produces the most high-quality products available. Additionally, you have to decide which types of products you’d like to use. After all, today’s beard care market consists of beard balms, beard oils, beard butters, beard shampoos, beard waxes and more.

When it comes to styling your beard, there are three main types of products on the market today, and they are beard balms, waxes and butters. So, how do you know which one will best give you the look that you’re trying to achieve with your facial hair?

Well, never fear, because we at The Bearded Bastard are here to help you choose the right product for your beard. We’ll explain how these three styling products differ before helping you make the right decision.

Difference Between These Products

First, let’s get into how each of these products work and what their formulas are like.

Beard Balm

Beard balm is sort of a half-styling, half-moisturizing product. In other words, it can help you style your beard while at the same time providing each strand with much-needed hydration. Beard balms tend to have a base of shea butter, which is a thick substance that’s slightly waxy and provides a ton of moisture. Beard balms also tend to contain various plant-based oils such as almond oil or jojoba oil. These oils leave your beard soft for the remainder of the day. Meanwhile, the shea butter helps keep things nice and tame rather than messy and untidy.

Beard Wax

Beard wax is more about styling than it is about moisturizing, but many beard wax formulas out there do contain ingredients that provide a decent amount of moisture for your beard. As the name implies, beard wax has a thick, waxy consistency that helps you style your beard very effectively. You can apply some wax in the morning and know that your style will last all day long.

Beard wax is good for men who are actually trying to achieve a particular style with their beard. This product just keeps facial hair in place very well. If you’re trying to add texture or help the hairs go in a certain direction, beard wax is great.

Beard Butter

Beard butter is becoming more and more popular, and for good reason. Think of it as a hybrid between beard balm and beard oil. As you can imagine, this is the most nourishing product on the list in terms of its ability to really hydrate those beard hairs as well as your skin. But, the balm-like consistency helps you style a bit as well.

How Can You Know Which Product is Right for You?

Now, it’s time to apply this information to your personal beard care routine. Ask yourselves the questions below in order to figure out whether a beard wax, balm or butter is right for you.

What Are Your Styling Goals?

First, you have to ask yourself what your goals are regarding your beard. Are you mainly trying to style it in a unique way? Or, are you trying to get as much moisture as possible? Are you trying to add texture to your beard, or are you simply trying to smooth down those pesky hairs so that your style doesn’t look messy? If you want to style your beard more than you want to moisturize it, go with a beard wax. If moisture is your goal, a beard butter is the way to go. And, if you’re trying to get the best of both worlds, opt for a beard balm.


What is Your Facial Hair Type?

Next, consider your unique facial hair type. Is it thin or thick? Curly or straight? Coarse or fine? The heavier and thicker the consistency of the product, the more geared it is toward straight hair. That’s why many men with super fine facial hair can’t wear heavy beard waxes as this type of product makes a beard look greasy. And, men with curly, coarse and thick hair require a lot more moisture, which is why a beard butter might be ideal.

A Wide Range to Choose From

Use this guide to decide whether your beard will benefit most from a beard balm, beard wax or beard butter. And, remember that when it comes to beard care, it’s all about experimentation. Play around with different products before deciding which one makes your beard look and feel its very best.

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