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What to Look for in a Beard Oil

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What to Look for in a Beard Oil

If there’s one type of product that no bearded guy should ever be without, it’s beard oil. Beard oil is a relatively new phenomenon in terms of the mainstream, although serious bearded gentlemen have been using oil-based beard care products for decades. Beard oil, quite simply, is an oil-based product that provides your beard with moisture and hydration while calming down frizz and preventing damage to your strands.

Beard oil is so popular nowadays that most men’s grooming brands offer their own variety. This is great for guys who love selection, but it also makes it hard to determine which particular product is best suited for a man’s very unique facial hair situation.

The good news is that choosing the right beard oil is simple as long as you know what factors to take into consideration.

What to Consider When Selecting a Beard Oil

We’ll be thoroughly discussing each factor in order for you to make the best bearded decision.

Factor #1: Why You're Using Beard Oil to Begin With

The first thing that you need to ask yourself is what it is that you’re trying to accomplish by making beard oil a part of your daily routine. Sure, the primary goal with beard oil is to moisturize, but beard oils can do so much more than that. Some beard oil formulas are loaded with nutrients that protect cuticles against damage, while others boost beard growth. Additionally, some are specifically designed to tackle frizz, unevenness and so on. So, knowing what your particular needs are will help you figure out exactly what to buy.

Factor #2: Length and Fullness of Your Beard

Now, let’s talk about the length and fullness of your beard. This is an important question because as you would imagine, more facial hair means more product is needed per daily application. First, let’s talk about length. Long beards are going to need two to three times as much beard oil per day as beards that are trimmed close to the skin. And, whether you have your whole face covered in your beard or just a simple goatee matters in terms of how much you’ll be using. So, take this into consideration as how much you’ll be using determines many factors.

Factor #3: Texture and Thickness of Your Facial Hair

Now, let’s talk about the thickness level and texture of your facial hair. All of us are born with a natural thickness level and texture. Texture refers to whether your facial hair is fine or coarse, which is not to be confused with thickness. Fine hair under a microscope has a noticeably smooth cuticle, while coarse hair is relatively rigid. Coarse hair needs a richer formula because it’s harder for moisture to get into the shaft. Fine hair needs less richness in terms of consistency because it absorbs moisture easily. And, thick hair needs more hydration than thin hair because there’s literally more hair surface area.

Factor #4: Scented or Unscented

Next, we can talk about fragrance. A lot of guys are very opinionated about fragrance, and for good reason. A beard oil that’s heavily fragranced will determine how you smell for the entire day, so choosing the right fragrance is crucial. Of course, you can also go with unscented, and this is a popular option among guys who wear cologne and don’t want additional fragrances on top. But, if you do go for a scented beard oil product, you have to consider many things, such as whether you want it to be a strong or mild scent, whether you want it to be complex or simple, and whether you want your beard oil fragrance to be made with essential oils or synthetic fragrances. You’ll also need to know if you have an allergy to particular fragrances commonly used in men’s grooming products.

Factor #5: Company That Makes the Beard Oil

It’s important to consider the brand that makes the beard oil as well. Not all companies are dedicated to the same level of quality, and you want to go for the highest-quality product when choosing your beard oil. Make sure that the company has a reputation for being honest about their ingredients, sourcing their ingredients properly, offering solid shipping practices and being consistent when it comes to their products. Feel free to look for online reviews for further guidance.

Factor #6: What You Can Afford

Price matters when it comes to beard oil as well. Beard oils on the market vary a lot in terms of price, and this mostly has to do with the ingredients that they contain. You definitely don’t want to get ripped off, but you don’t want to go for a super cheap beard oil either if it contains less-than-stellar ingredients. Look around at different beard care company websites to figure out what the standard price range is. This way, you’ll know if you’re about to pay too much or too little for a bottle of beard oil.

Factor #7: List of Ingredients

Ingredients are extremely important. If you’re applying beard oil to your face and facial hair daily, you want to know that the ingredients are safe and healthy to be wearing topically. Look for natural ingredients, as these are superior in terms of quality and the way in which they treat your precious beard. Natural ingredients are high in nutrients and other nourishing properties that help facial hair look and feel its very best.

Factor #8: Bottle Size

You wanna make sure that you choose the right size when it comes to your beard oil so that you can use it all up before the ingredients expire, but also so that you won’t have to restock every week, because that’s a hassle.

Selecting a Beard Oil Doesn't Have to be a Complicated Ordeal

Simply use this guide to figure out what it is that you’re looking for in a beard oil based on your specific needs. In no time, you’ll be well on your way to a healthy, moisturized and luscious beard on your terms.

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  • Jul 10, 2023

    I wanted to ask you that which beard will be good for me as I am a 19 years old and my beard have just started growing so should I use beard oil.
    If yes, then which will be good for me.

    It would be great help if you guide me.

    — Rishi Chainani

  • Jul 10, 2023

    Hi just send us as much info of deals new products and beard knowledge as you can 😁👍😜

    — Roo

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