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3 Quick Tips & Tricks to Keep Food Out of Your Beard

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3 Quick Tips & Tricks to Keep Food Out of Your Beard

If you’ve taken the time to grow out a full, luscious beard, the last thing that you want is to be self-conscious about carrying food crumbs in it throughout the day.  Many men go to great lengths in order to have a smooth and clean beard, and those food particles can ruin all of the effort that you’ve put into rocking facial hair that looks and feels its very best.  

So, is there any way that you can avoid having those annoying pieces of food falling into your beard each time you take a bite of something delicious?  After all, it seems like a full beard is a food magnet. And, while it’s not possible to completely avoid dropping food particles onto your beard, there are some things that you can do to prevent it from occurring, and a couple of habits that you can adopt in order to take care of any debris as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Always Carry a Comb with You

If you take your bearded care game seriously, you might already have a beard comb with you at all times. A beard comb is an incredibly handy piece of equipment that can help you smooth down flyaways, keep that beard perfectly styled throughout the day and break up any annoying knots.  

A beard comb can also help you rid your beard of food particles quickly and easily.  After you’re done consuming a meal, simply take that comb out of your pocket and give your entire beard a quick run-through. This will dislodge any particles that are trapped deep within your beard, as well as ones that are sitting on the surface.

Once you’re done, just give your beard a good shake with your fingers to get rid of any food crumbs that have been dislodged.  

A Pocket Mirror is Your New Best Friend

A pocket mirror isn’t something that you carry around just to admire yourself.  It’s a crucial grooming tool that every man should have with him at all times. Pocket mirrors allow you to quickly, discreetly and effortlessly check to see if anything has gone awry in terms of your appearance. When it comes to your beard, a pocket mirror can help you check to see if any food particles have landed in your facial hair after each meal.  

You don’t need to spend a ton of money on a fancy pocket mirror, but make sure that it’s durable enough to stay in your pocket, without breaking.  

Positioning of Your Mouth Can Determine How Much Food Lands in Your Beard

One interesting trick that many bearded men have mastered is the art of eating in a way that prevents excess crumbs from landing in that facial hair.  Before you take a bite of food, push your chin and jaw forward, and curl your lips outward. Your lips will act as a bib, while the position of your chin and jaw will help tuck your beard in so that food lands straight down rather than into your facial hair.  It takes some practice, but it actually makes a big difference.

Follow These Tips for a Clean, Food-Free Beard

If you’re wearing a full beard, the occasional food particles getting tangled inside your facial hair is fairly inevitable. The good news, however, is that you don’t have to carry those leftovers around with you for the rest of the day.

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  • Jul 10, 2023

    What are your suggestions for keeping foamy toothpaste out of your beard, or other liquids, like soup?

    — Richard

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