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Austin Barbershop Party — SHED X The Bearded Bastard X Jameson

Austin Barbershop Party — SHED X The Bearded Bastard X Jameson

One of our favorite barbershops in Austin, SHED, recently opened a new location on the east side. Their Holly location is a departure from the typical barbershop in Austin. Instead of dark woods and cigars, SHED offers bright natural lighting, street art on the walls, and a full retail space —with a dash of nostalgic touches like classic barber chairs and traditional barber aprons to keep it grounded in their roots. 

Despite the urban setting and design, what truly separates SHED's Holly location is the community-centric focus. They are dedicated to serving the ever-changing East Side of Austin and bringing people together from different sides of life. The crew at SHED repped our beard oil from the beginning and we couldn't be prouder of their expansion. If you are ever in Austin, check out SHED for all your beardcare needs. The attention to detail paid to beards paired with the laid back attitude is beyond refreshing. 

The Bearded Bastard prides itself on supporting the Austin community and SHED Barbershop is the epitome of that sentiment. When we offered to help with their opening party, it made sense to include Jameson, our brand partner, as well. Jameson is passionate about community and small business so they supplied a custom cocktail for us. It was a special night and we're excited for the future of these partnerships.

Below is a video of their grand opening party by Kalani Sevigny. 


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Jeremiah the Bastard himself goes to SHED for his beardcare needs. Check out his Movember transformation here.

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