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What Having Nice Hair Can Do For a Man's Confidence

What Having Nice Hair Can Do For a Man's Confidence

Many men struggle with self-confidence, and that’s nothing to be ashamed of.  Our society is constantly sending us messages about how we should look, act and feel, and little by little, these messages can eat away at our self-images.  This is why us guys need to figure out ways to build our sense of confidence in order to navigate through life while being happy with who we are.

One extremely easy way to potentially improve your sense of self-confidence is by growing a beard.  You may think this sounds silly, but the truth is that growing a beard can benefit our self-image in numerous ways. Which brings us to…

Ways in Which a Beard Can Improve Your Sense of Self-Confidence

Today, we will be talking about how having some stellar facial hair can legitimately make you feel more secure with yourself.

Beards Make You Look More Mature

There are lots of guys out there who look younger than they are, and this can be quite embarrassing.  Whether a guy is naturally short, skinny or born with a babyface, it’s only normal that he wants to look his age in order to be treated accordingly.  Well, growing a beard is an easy way to look more mature, and lots of guys who have young-looking features see this as a solution that makes them appear older. 

Beards Can Make You Look More Attractive

It goes without saying that a lot of guys just look more attractive with beards.  We’ve seen enough before and after’s by now to know that some of the most celebrated a-listers greatly boosted their public appeal once they grew out that facial hair.  If you feel like you’re not as attractive as you’d like to be, it’s possible that growing a beard will make you feel much more satisfied with your appearance.

Beards are a Sign of Masculinity

Beards are also a symbol of masculinity, and this has been the case since the beginning of time.  Being able to grow a long and healthy beard represents having naturally high testosterone levels, as this hormone is essential for proper beard growth.  Therefore, it makes sense that growing a beard makes a man feel proud of his masculine nature.  And, feeling masculine is a big part of being a man who is confident in himself.

Beards Allow for a Self-Care Ritual

Many of us men don’t really put time aside in order to engage in self-care.  However, having a beard allows for a soothing ritual to be part of your daily routine.  Applying your beard care products to your facial hair daily can be quite calming, and can make you feel like you’re giving yourself some much-needed love.  In turn, this can improve your sense of confidence by making you feel like you’re putting effort into taking care of yourself. 

Beards Can Help You Express Your Unique Personality

Beards vary greatly in terms of size, length, thickness and style.  Therefore, having a beard can be a way to express what it is that makes you so unique.  Different styles and lengths show off different personality traits, and self-expression is a great confidence booster.

Beards Are a Sign of Health

Having a beard is a sign that you’re in good health, as we need to be healthy on the inside in order to grow good-looking facial hair.  Growing your beard in a way that reflects your internal well-being will naturally improve your overall self-image.

Beards are a Conversation Starter

Having a particularly beautiful beard is a great conversation starter that can improve your sense of confidence by helping you get more attention from strangers and acquaintances.

Beards Can Distract from Other Attributes You’re Less Than Thrilled About

Lastly, growing a beard can help distract from parts of your image that you’re not so enthused about.  For instance, if you have acne, a beard can help minimize the appearance of pimples.  Similarly, if you have a less-than-flattering jawline, a beard can cover the part of your face that you most want to conceal.

Confidence Needs to Start Somewhere

If you’re trying to build up your confidence, growing a beard is a great place to start.  Having some luxurious facial hair is a great starting point that can significantly improve your overall self-image.  As you can see, having a beard is about so much more than trying out a new look.

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